Gratitude Towards The God

Imagining the imagination and the methodologies of the almighty GOD before creation of the entire universe, an internal thought use to originate inside myself about his deep rooted thinking to create such an environment where human being will be able to control, coordinate and lead the earth's living environment. Following the same thought, he would have analyzed all the necessary and sufficient criteria for such a useful creation to be animated on the surface to hold the control. After going through all the essential researches, the almighty would have got success and we all human beings got our existence as a final result of his multi valued thoughts. It is really surprising of thinking to such an extent but it is obviously the fact. This is because any of the particular project needs strategic planning followed by the strong determination to finish the project which ultimately leads its path to the peak point of success. God created us as his major project following which we got generated and conveniently as per his further programming strategies, all of us started to make our control on our lives, our family, our society, state, country and finally upon the entire world.

Soul created by the almighty worked as the soul component to make the human body work as per his directions. Nature of human beings inserted inside the human body as a sub component of the soul established its identity to get differentiated with one another and following the same the different classes and categories were created by us. Each and every one residing here requires the source of income based on his individual capabilities. All of us residing here are totally categorized on the basis of several classes and somewhat it also depends upon the god's will because he is the only whole and sole creator of this universe upon whom all of us are simply living our lives. God created us with a lot of proud that we the human beings will be able to coordinate the functioning and lead this beautiful world of his dreams. But the earth thought previously as a heaven by the almighty took no time at all to get itself converted into the hell. People on the basis of their inferior thoughts separated themselves on the basis of caste, creed and colour. There existed a political nature considered as the most worst among all the nature categories due to the fact that such a kind of nature which originated inside the human body taught themselves not to speak what they think, not to behave what they feel and it ultimately resulted to witness the entire world inside the deep black night of corruption and crime.

So far as my personal nature and style of living is concerned. I undoubtedly and without any hesitation and proud would like to declare that even in the world's such a political style of living, I always strictly listen to my soul's sound which always directs me to behave as the god wants me to behave in a straight forward way. It always reminds me to behave as a human and follow all the essential requirements with the mild human behaviour. It always teaches me to be obliged towards the almighty for giving me an establishment and identity on the earth and for making me educated and cultured to such an extent where I can understand the god's existence and respect the familiar, moral and social values. Last but not the least, my personal expectations with the humans is to behave as straight forward as their physical structure but differently its my in depth thinking and message to the readers that be a human and always be inclined internally towards the god for making you a human.

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****Lot of thanks to all the readers of this article with a feel to follow its moral in your life****