Cricket,a word which spells confidence, hope,standard and popularity for the players who are involved in the team for their valuable contribution. Cricket is not only a game to play but this word acts as a ray of hope for the meritorious and skilled players even residing in the remote areas of the country to build up their future and live a life with all essential standards.Deep concentration of the players towards this game leads them to success and ultimately they become efficient to climb on the apex of this field by playing international matches for their country.

Any of the boy or girl who wants to build their carrier seriously in the game of cricket needs a lot of familiar support in the sense of faith of family members upon their child.Their children are like the seedlings in long run of cricket carrier when they start playing this game from their school standards.Gradually,they go for professional tournaments and award winning cricket ceremonies and perform their best at all the levels.Finally,they start playing for their districts and their more better performance force the selectors to select them for state level famously known as Ranaji Trophy Cricket which actually acts as a prototype for leading them to the field of international cricket matches.All the above stages including international cricket matches requires a lot of concentration and consistent performance for the players to survive with the team.If they perform better consistently,they will get a lot of popularity,rewards,money,prestige etc but consistent or simply a little bit of bad performance in a few matches pulls them inside the darkness of sorrow.This is only because as their consistent nice performance throughout lead them to the peak point of success and such a kind of continuous performance is expected by the selectors,people as well as their team members.

However, continuous and consistent performance by any individual player must not be expected .After all,its all about the work,luck and form of the players to continuously perform at their level best every time. Such a kind of example particularly in India is being seen often.The people inside this country have got a habit to comment on the Indian cricketers every time.The people even do not think that India is a country which holds world's top level batsmans including Sachin Tendulkar,Virendra Sehwag,Mahendra Singh Dhoni etc to name a few.Sachin is a name which is born to play cricket by birth.A name of almost all the great records in the history of cricket,a name which acts as a key of motivation for the people all over the world,a name which spells politeness,proud and hope. Mahendra Singh Dhoni,a name of such a captain in the history of Indian cricket team who brought World Cup for us after a long period of 28 years.This Indian team played under the kind supervision of several players during last 28 years but the dream of bringing the World Cup was not fulfilled by any of the captains.

So,why the people including Visual media and Print media use to forget the performance of the Indian players in a very short span of time?Why they use to continuously comment on the performance of any specific players?Why they do not hesitate even passing their rude comments on the god of cricket known as Sachin Tendulkar?Why not they encourage them by making them remember their previous performances on the previous matches? Why not they understand that their hope regarding a particular player for consistent nice performance in each and every matches is meaningless?

The above listed questions must be sorted out inside the mind of people who pass their frequent comments frequently upon our cricketers.After all,we should all have to think positive to be happy and successful.

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