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Author: kamaraju pulugurtha

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About Me: An English Teacher,presently retired,specialising in Communication Skills.

Articles by kamaraju pulugurtha:
  • On Surviving the Momentum of Change ( 3313 reads)   

    Changes of very great significance take place all around, socially and economically. For the older generation, it may mean a threat to the beliefs they hold fundamentally. With the upcoming generation, they may have to reconcile and avoid confrontation of values. - Category: Writing
  • A Solace from the Bhagavad Gita ( 3216 reads)   

    In the Corporate World of Action, the outcome of our actions is unpredictable. Life is a perpetual struggle and fluctuation. Irrespective of the outcome, the struggle has to continue. There is no running away from action. Accept the outcome with equanimity and dignity. - Category: Religion
  • My Campus, My Life ( 4560 reads)   

    Changes do occur in my continuing career in the Campus and they never take a pause. I have acquired several forms and have been subject to the ravages of Time. But, the Campus remains the same, a mute spectator of my changes. - Category: Writing
  • Towards Preparing the Teacher For a Rural Student ( 3551 reads)   

    Academic institutions at the rural side should strive to understand the student needs. With a realistic approach, the instruction in English can be directed at bringing a steady improvement. - Category: Education
  • How to Contain the Anxiety of Bad Spoken English ( 3153 reads)   

    Insufficient Spoken English skills are sure to create an anxious situation for the young aspirants of Universities.All Spoken English issues however have an answer. - Category: Careers
  • Communication Skills For Larger Classes ( 3881 reads)   

    Large Classes are a problem exclusive to India and so,the experiences of the teacher are noteworthy. Strategies sometimes do not work, but even then, activities can not be given up. - Category: Education
  • How to Make the Students Reflect on their Employability ( 3242 reads)   

    In the pursuit of their academic qualifications,students tend to be ignorant of their other important employability skills.The institutions have a vested responsibility in enhancing the employability of those whom they are educating. - Category: Education
  • How to Avoid a Nervous Oral Presentation ( 5553 reads)   

    Stage Fright can be avoided to a satisfactory extent with some previous preparation.Most speakers put up a dismal show just because they do not attend to some minor details and do not take care to prune themselves up for the occasion. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Heal Yourself First ( 3760 reads)   

    Let excuse the people around for what they are.The outside world is not for reformation and we are to initiate the process with ourselves. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Principle of Moderation For Small Talk Thrown Out of Gear ( 2954 reads)   

    All small talk has an innocent beginning .But, it is thrown out of gear at some critical point.Human relations are sometimes strained for unsound reasons. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • How to Take Criticism in a Natural Stride ( 2222 reads)   

    We are exposed to criticism during our day-to-day activities and there may be praise also in some measure.Negative thoughts are likely to linger on.Happiness , on the other hand, is of a shorter duration. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • A Rambling Mind in a Withering Body ( 2247 reads)   

    When we grow old,the mind may improve in some ways,as we have a better comprehension of the ways of the world. We are also prone to reflect on the Past much and self-pity may be its sorrowful outcome. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Can we Ever Reach our Goal? ( 1963 reads)   

    Perfection for most is a remote possibility.But , the search for it goes on.There is a satisfaction in fighting and failing. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Selective Thinking and Hygienic Mind ( 2315 reads)   

    We have to exercise a firm hold on the thinking mind and keep it garbage-free.Most problems result from a hyperactive mind.It begins labeling all the people with whom we are connected and make us end up in self-pity. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Some Timely Reminders on Spoken English ( 2414 reads)   

    There are always some eager recipients for tips on Spoken English.We pay an attention to the skill and we are prepared to strengthen our ability .There is a need for a Forum so that we can discuss our learning-experience. - Category: Education
  • How to Become Emotionally Literate ( 2391 reads)   

    It is human to be subject to emotions occasionally.But,there is a need for a constant check on them, otherwise we will fall a prey to them and may receive ruining experiences. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Our Craze For English ( 5747 reads)   

    Our love for English is not rational. We do not treat it as a skill to be cultivated. We establish an emotional attachment with it. As any other skill, English is to be nurtured to our advantage and the matter should be rested there. - Category: Education
  • Soft Skills Do Count More Than Anything Else. ( 2175 reads)   

    The soft skills play a significant role in building a career.They are as important as Hard Skills.There is a smooth social-functioning only if there are soft skills. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • How to Make Each Day a Fresh Day. ( 3038 reads)   

    With a desire for freshness ,a man wakes from his slumber.He aspires to get a hold on some thing fresh each day and his day can not be like any other day of the past.But his search may many a time end up futile. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • The Changing Role of Women in the Society ( 4051 reads)   

    The roles of women have changed substantially.Women have no longer been decorative pieces.They are now proud bread-earners of Indian Families.They have a respectful place in the Society. - Category: Women

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