There was a passage of a great amount of Time, since my initial forays into the Campus Life and I reflect on the evolution that seems to be perennial - changes in me and changes in the campus story.
It was past 48 years and I made my maiden entry into the Campus, as a College Boy, shy outwardly, but all-brazen, inside.In the sprawling College Auditorium, I looked around for a possible feminine touch, somewhere in some corner. But, the gathering was entirely male. I listened to the haranguing Principal, listlessly for 15 minutes, to take a copy of the Lecture Schedules.All those in attendance were disinterested spectators and it seemed a life-time for them.

But, changes came over too quickly and I had to move to yet another College, where the facility of co-education was extended and the Campus was green and lush with a carpet of grass and around it were, cultivated lands of Maize.Girls came out in and went in, huddled closely together, afraid of a possible encounter with a male member.

But, girls or no girls, I persisted with my shyness, always running away at the sight of a girl. The thoughts of heroism and chivalry would be there, but they were preserved, deep inside. I had always to be satisfied with my continuing features of masculinity lined with a feminine touch. A girl would pass a benevolent look on my particularly lucky day and I would elevate myself to the status of a Hero, that night. Dreams do die hard, you know and all that.

Changes were there for me, in Life, but the Campus would not leave, for I was destined to be a College Teacher. I acquired a new serious look, to support me in my Class Room ventures. My self-imposed code of conduct chided me on the necessity to maintain a strict composure, while teaching a lesson from English Literature and sometimes, it would be a page out of the Romantic Play of Shakespeare, but I would do it nonchalantly. I would confine myself to my framework and I would not venture to exceed my limits, even by an inch.

Campus would not ever be the same and our perspective keeps on changing, with passing years. Sometimes, it would be as sprightly as ever. Sometimes, it just means coming down to brass tacks and a brusque business attitude, with the curriculum aspect looming large. As a teacher, it is just finishing the duties, expected of me, to the satisfaction of the Management, first.

A spirited display of youthful energies is a feature of a Campus. Sometimes I wonder how these boys can roam around the Campus in scorching heat, eating Lunch postponed for a long period. I would forget my earlier days of starvation and loafing and I would never attempt at recollecting the endless possibilities of a youthful life. Hours and hours of nocturnal activities went unhindered, with my parents assuming that I would be deep in preparing science Records for submission at the Examination time.

On my becoming a Teacher, my values and my ideology acquired a new form. Now, I look scornfully at the youngsters frittering their time in Chat Bhandars and Ice Cream Parlours and boys hanging about girls, for taking a possible advantage, somewhere some time. I won't leave them untouched by my looks of disdain. "Where is my general feeling of benevolence, for the human frailties?" I exhort all those who flock around me for the acquisition of a few lessons on Change Management. When it comes to my Campus companions, I will be extremely critical and unforbearing.

Questions do occur in my mind, without rational responses. Why is not there a continuity? The same campus life, which has been gifted to me, without a pause, does not remain the same. That which was green once, with the possibility of Spring showing its presence eternally, later changes all its hues. My perspectives do change and for the changes, there is no interruption. If the Campus continues to be my abode for a few more years, then also, some more changes in my attitude may take place and for me and there is the likelihood of a new incarnation.

About Author / Additional Info:
The Author, proudly and fortunately, enjoys a very long teaching experience, and he is presently the Chief Academic Adviser, Khammam Institute of Technology and Sciences, KITS, Ponnekal, Khammam(R)