Changes are a natural phenomenon and they are bound to occur, in spite of our lack of preparation to receive them. We are now in an age of transition and so changes do occur at a greater pace. Social changes have taken place quantitatively and for the older generation, it causes a bewilderment. There are changes in the old, family structure and confusion and chaos also might have been the result, certain times. Economic changes have been so overwhelming and we are now witnesses to a great material growth. Opportunities have increased for an educated man and it is also a fact that a poor man continues to live in his poverty. Politically, changes have taken place, as Regional Political Parties and splinter groups have ascended to rule. The oldest Political Party has seen an exit, at least for the time,

The problem for most is the momentum with which these changes have been taking place. No change does wait for an individual preparedness. The old Social Order has to yield place to the new and welcome the innovations. Attitudes may have to be changed and the older people may have to amend their value-systems to co-exist with the younger generation. Any acceptance in total may be difficult, but a disharmony is avoided, if there is a better understanding of the ways of the younger generation.

A culture shock for an old man is certain, as he can not grapple with many of the changes that are brought out in the pattern of social conduct. The shock which one experiences on a visit abroad may have to be experienced in the Native Land, as he is in for many surprises. The pattern of Dressing is changing and there is more of the use of slang in the utterances. Computers and other tools of communication and the use of social networking do not meet with the approval of an elderly man. What causes the feeling of displeasure for the Senior is that there is too much change in too short a period of time. A Future Shock is in wait for him, but he has to accept it as an inevitable reality, as he can not do much about it.

The feeling of a generation gap ails most of us who are advanced in years. We can think of extending the benefit of our experience, when the youth are in a mood for receiving our wise counsel. Otherwise, we can let things pass by and enjoy our leisure. The momentum of Change is tasteful for some and repulsive for many other old men. They want a continuance of the existing values as sacrosanct and any kind of deviation for them is a rebellion.

If we are advanced in age, we have certainly learned lessons of Life. We have to derive means to become a part of the mainstream and develop an attitude of compromise. The greatest reality is that things do not change, but we change. We must be cautious about serious and damaging consequences of a negative attitude. It is very easy to remember the bad things, but let us try to discover the good also in the present generation. All negative feelings will create insecurity and with our anger and displeasure, we fail to enjoy the good things of Life.

It is easy advising the others to maintain a spirit of reconciliation and come to terms with changing times. The older generation may find it difficult to learn to live according to the norms of the day. In spite of it, they have to compromise so as to make their life free from turmoil.

About Author / Additional Info:
The Author is a Retired Principal and he is the Chief Academic Adviser of Khammam Institute of Technology and Sciences, KITS, Ponnekallu, Khammam(R).