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Author: Nazar UlIslam

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About Me: I am Nazar-Ul-Islam. I have great passion for writing. It is a wonderful experience because it gives you an opportunity to express your feelings and thoughts on various topics.

Articles by Nazar UlIslam:
  • The Question of Control or Censorship on the use of Internet ( 2071 reads)   

    First of all, internet is such a mode of communication on which you can not easily control or censor the flow of information; secondly, those who use it (the up-loaders and the down-loaders of information) must show their sense of responsibility. - Category: Technology
  • She Was Their Prisoner But My Slave ( 3108 reads)   

    I waited, I waited, and I waited. I waited that she would quit both the ways and live free. In prison she could only count the days; in slavery she could only hope for the best. The day came. - Category: Others
  • The Technology of Medicine Has Outrun Its Sociology ( 5459 reads)   

    The societies often fail to realize what is beneficial for them till things prove to them their utility. The medicine is welcomed for its curing power of a disease. - Category: Others
  • Should a Policeman Have a Gun or Not ( 3326 reads)   

    A good weapon in the possession of a responsible and truly professional policeman can alone guarantee the security of the public. - Category: Others
  • The Question of Scotland Yard's Image in Pakistan is Also... ( 2024 reads)   

    They are dogmatic mainly because they are prejudiced, especially about the Indians, and the prejudiced people have greater danger of becoming dogmatic. - Category: Issues
  • UK Mr Twenty Percent ( 2485 reads)   

    Why Cameron should count his fingers after shaking hands with Pakistan's Mr. Ten Percent why should not Zardari count his fingers shaking hands with UK's Mr. Twenty Percent? - Category: Education
  • The Concept of Tense in English Grammar ( 7391 reads)   

    Tense means correspondence between our concept to time and various forms of verb. - Category: Education
  • Personality Crisis ( 2275 reads)   

    If birth gives you a good hug .. The world is thronged with personalities. Many are in the making process and many more yet come. Along side, personality depletion has also become a common phenomenon. - Category: Education
  • Shakespeare's Sonnets ( 3019 reads)   

    Bare ruin'd choirs, where late the sweet birds sang. - Category: Others
  • Personality, Its Development and the Dynamics of Human Existence ( 3374 reads)   

    This is about all of us - Category: Issues
  • Smoking Should Be Banned at Public Places ( 4151 reads)   

    The smokers should be fined and punished if found guilty of smoking at the public places. - Category: Health
  • Stay at Your Most Beautiful! ( 2959 reads)   

    Rain drops are beautiful but they too turn into muddy water after touching the earth. - Category: Writing
  • It All Depends on the Nature of Activity ( 2293 reads)   

    ...greater the activity, greater the results; cheaper the activity, cheaper the results... - Category: Others
  • A Thing of Beauty is a Joy For Ever. ( 3153 reads)   

    This means there are three stages of joy: at the time of interaction, at the time of creation, and at the time of interacting with the created form. - Category: Others
  • The Invention the World Be Better Off ( 3310 reads)   

    During the age of Renaissance the process quickened and with the advent of science and technology individualism became a menace. - Category: Issues
  • What Terrorism Is ( 3008 reads)   

    The world of information is a smoky pub where sane thinking can not prevail. There is no doubt that sympathy still exists but empathy is hard to find. Concern for peace has become everybody's business but coming up with sincere effort to bring peace is nobody's responsibility. - Category: Politics
  • What Poetry is and What Love Is ( 2299 reads)   

    Do you know poetry is a love affair between you and me? Yes, it is. But how? Think of an... - Category: Others
  • Inner and Outer Personality ( 19651 reads)   

    Go deeper than words smell their souls - Category: Relationships
  • Shroud Marriages Be Arranged Or Not? ( 2683 reads)   

    Arranged versus Love marriage - Category: Relationships

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