The plant of married relationship grows by the nourishment of love. Only self-satisfied couple is useful for itself and for others. I personally feel love marriage is better than the arranged marriage because it involves feeling and understanding. If these two things are there, nothing can affect the relationship. On the other hand, arranged marriages often lack both the aspects.

First, the role of feeling is of unique importance in the married life. It is a binding spirit which makes life of the couple happy and satisfying. If feeling is kept buried in the bedrock of the relationship, other things like mutual respect and affection, sincerity and trust naturally enter into the relationship. Their life boat floats smoothly, never gets misdirected. Feeling changes the relation into beauty and once it happens the relation becomes truthful and strong. Therefore I think relation without love feeling is like death in life.

Second, mutual understanding is another important aspect of love marriage. Marriage is not merely physical union; it is also a marriage of two minds. This type of involvement on the spiritual level is of utmost importance. It is like sharing the knowledge of the hidden treasure, resolving the mysteries of life and the whole universe. Without understanding the relationship is like ploughing the land with two animals yoked together by violence. One needs to avoid getting into such a situation in life.

Thirdly, economic stability also matters. However it does not mean that one should marry for the sake of money. In some cases it is not wrong that marriage becomes a curse of richness. The positive and negative aspect is hidden in your objective of marriage. Money alone cannot serve the purpose.

To conclude, love marriages not only promote love of mankind but also of the whole mankind. The satisfaction on the personal level leaves positive affects on the life of others. Unsatisfied relationship is a burden on the back of a donkey, which one wants to clear off as early as possible.

About Author / Additional Info:
I am Nazar-Ul-Islam and have great passion for writing. Nothing is more satisfying than expressing your feelings and thoughts.