Stay at your most beautiful!
Do you want to stay at your most beautiful? If you do, then go with me. I real I am not taking you anywhere; I just want to show you something. Keep your imaginations alert.
Butterfly has beautiful wings but the colours on them are very much unsold. The moment you touch your fingers to the wings in excitement you are heart broken. The colours are so fragile. Same is the case with human feelings. Your life beauty goes when somebody hurt them. As butterfly has habit to fly everywhere without discrimination though she is selective about the flowers, so do we and as a result people push our beautiful feelings into the world of gloom.
Rain drops are beautiful but they too turn into muddy water after touching the earth. Same is the case with the wind. It does make our atmosphere cool without the help of dust particles which absorb heat.
You can't stay beautiful being detached from the world. It is better to be selective about people. It is also better to make a little world of your own where you have a company of like-minded people. Don't stay in the why of God. Be at peace with Him.

You are neither above nor below yourself. People may think you are. Never mind. You alone know your achievements and it is most of the time not necessary others also know. It depends how your measure them.

Our life is a short tour on this planet. Therefore like a tourist have maps but these maps you have to draw yourself. However, you need not draw complex and difficult ones. Keep them simple. Don't forget to draw the map of love where you must visit regularly.

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