Inner and outer Personality
Man's personality is very complex. In fact man has many personalities. There are layers and underneath these layers personality traits are hidden. You unfold them like the layers of an onion and see what personality traits can be found. However, generally you can divide the personality of man into two: the inner and the outer personality.
First the outer personality, it has several features: the clothes you are wearing, the language you speak, the company you of your friends, the life actions in which you are involved, the places where you move or live, your lifestyles, your habits and manners etc. These reflect your outer personality and to some extent drop clues for understanding the inner. The people know each other mostly on the basis of outer personality. And worldly minded people mostly form their opinion of others on this basis. If the outer personality is colourful, the impression and acceptability is quick. In today's world the people are very conscious about it and pay great attention to its maintenance.
Second the inner personality, in one word it refers to the mental life of a person. The mental life of a man is a very complicated phenomenon. It refers to the web of thoughts and feelings he is all the time engrossed. One person's inner personality is an enigma for another. Moreover, the inner personality is all the time in a state of flux--- changing every moment. It is in the process of making and breaking, developing through changing.
But it is never possible that the outer personality is detached from the inner personality. Sometimes it has a real link with the outer and sometimes not. In other words, it is a question of hiding or exposing your real self. A real personality is one which is a balance of the two. However, the fluctuation of some kind can not be avoided.
In the nutshell, two things make human personality whether outer or inner--- the environment and the hereditary factor.

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