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  • 3M MAC Protocol Review ( 4172 reads)   

    In this article a 3M MAC protocol review has been made. This is a multi-group, multi-pipeline and multi-channel MAC protocol in wireless ad hoc network. - Category: Technology
  • Physical Toys and Digital Games ( 3422 reads)   

    The discussion is made on physical toys and digital games. A trend was discussed, that migrates from real world experience to the experience of digital world, so as to make more reality and user friendly. - Category: Technology
  • IoT Based Smart Apps ( 2154 reads)   

    Major problems for IoT big-data analytics are discussed here along with other effective proposals. IoT Apps means - Internet of Things Applications. - Category: Technology
  • Some Research Extractions ( 2796 reads)   

    Here some latest research discussions are made in Internet-of-Things, sensors, crowd sensing and other sensitive areas - Category: Technology
  • Some Findings in Cloud Computing ( 4002 reads)   

    A broad anticipation has hold your horses concerning cloud computing as the next cutting edge in the modern technological world. - Category: Technology
  • Some Research Concepts in LTE-A and Sensor Networking ( 3690 reads)   

    Power redeemable appliance in LTE-Advanced networks, Range-free localization in wireless sensor networks and Data fusion architecture. Here some research talks are focused with brief discussions. - Category: Technology
  • Some New Directions to Numerous Research ( 4138 reads)   

    Here some new research directions of sensor networks and webs are highlighted in a way that can lead further research analysis. - Category: Technology
  • Some Research Bursts ( 4087 reads)   

    Here some hidden research themes are exploited based on a state of discussion. - Category: Technology
  • Reverse Nearest Neighbors Search in Wireless Broadcast Environment ( 5044 reads)   

    In this presentation, prof Liu highlighted initially the wireless data broadcasting and the access of data in mobile environment, which are described as pull based, push based, on demand push based and hybrid based. Data broadcasting is an effective way to distribute information to a large amount of mobile clients in wireless mobile environments. - Category: Technology
  • Reading Report Base on Various Research Paper-1 ( 3926 reads)   

    In this scenario, my objective is to highlight the design of the various paper reading reports to incorporate the various historical research problems and solved solutions. - Category: Technology
  • Research Issues in Sensors and Clouds ( 3020 reads)   

    Here some efficient static and dynamic task management and re tasking issues are discussed along with the VANET to cloud issue. - Category: Technology
  • Some Research Issuses in Networks ( 3836 reads)   

    Here a attention has been made on certain contemporary research concerns in Wimax and wireless sensor network. - Category: Technology
  • Research Issues in IOT and Embedded System ( 2941 reads)   

    Here three important things are to be decorated. Platform for IOT, sensing target for IOT and standards for IOT, also an attractive blend has made in between operating system, embedded system and real time system. - Category: Technology
  • An Innovative Integration of Optical Network With High Performance DMS ( 2683 reads)   

    Here focuses are made manly in two areas that have wide impact to optical network and digital media services, those are high resolution scientific visualization and high quality real time consumer driven media productions and distributions. - Category: Technology
  • Multi Inter Diciplinary Researches in Computer Science ( 2556 reads)   

    The research in computer science almost penetrates to each and every sphere from health science to biological science with having different applications like sensor applications , wireless communications applications and many more. - Category: Technology
  • Trends on Cloud Computing and it's Applications ( 2951 reads)   

    The cloud computing must adopt with the public utility system, which includes the traditional telephony system.A novel integration between Internet of things (IOT), internet of media (IOM), internet of service (IOS) and internet of enterprises (IOE) enables the cloud computing less expensive but high energy efficient . - Category: Technology
  • Research Trends in Computer and Information Engineering ( 3683 reads)   

    some recent trends in computer and information engineering plays vital impact in the modern digital world . The individual trend is headed by some research discussions relating to the current scenario. - Category: Technology
  • A Research Frame For Wireless Sensor Coverage and Connectivity Issues ( 3894 reads)   

    The coverage problem here is to cover maximum area by using static and mobile WSN Nodes. Recent improvements in affordable and efficient integrated electronic devices have a considerable impact on advancing the state of wireless sensor networks, which constitute the platform of a broad range of applications related to national security, surveillance, military, health care, and environmental monitoring. - Category: Technology
  • Implementation of E-Governance in Orissa, India ( 3307 reads)   

    To be at par with developed countries, the Government of India had made out a plan to use Information Technology extensively in its operation to make more efficient and effective and also to bring transparency and accountability. The guide lines are given to state governments to prepare the vision and roadmap. - Category: Politics
  • An Artifact to Train the Backpropagation Network ( 3563 reads)   

    The mechanism of weights update is known as training algorithm. There are several training algorithms proposed in the literature.I will give a brief description of those that are related with the purposes of my study. The algorithms described here are related to feed-forward networks. A NN is characterized as feed-forward network 'if it is possible to attach successive numbers to the inputs and to all of the hidden and output units such that each unit only receives connections from inputs or units having a smaller number'. - Category: Technology
  • Research Tips For Constructing a Classifier Based on Neural Network . ( 2598 reads)   

    To construct a high-quality classifier one has to have high-quality data. No method of classifier construction, whether based on neural networks or a statistical one, will result in a classifier good enough if the given set of examples is not full and representative for the problem that the system would have to work with. - Category: Technology
  • A Research Frame Work of Machine Learning in Data Mining ( 3265 reads)   

    A data warehouse is a central store of data that has been extracted from operational data. Data in a data warehouse is typically subject-oriented, non-volatile, and of a historic nature, as contrasted with data used in an on-line transaction processing system. Data in data warehouses are often used in data mining and on-line analytical processing tools. OLAP techniques do not process enterprise data for hidden or unknown intelligence. The data mining process takes data from a data warehouse as input and identifies the hidden patterns i.e. Data mining process extracts hidden predictive information from data warehouse through the Neural Networks tools. It identifies the hidden patterns through classifier and clustering technique. Several experiments are already done to learn and train the network architecture for the data set used in back propagation neural N/W with different activation functions. Further studies may be carried out in classification and clustering. Classification is done through supervised machine learning and clustering through unsupervised machine learning. Mining Association rules is termed as Pattern mining. So Classification, clustering and pattern mining are the important issues in data mining. - Category: Technology
  • The Signs of Real Education ( 3590 reads)   

    The Real Education Starts at home environment, which enables a person to refine his/her attitude and behaviors at the latter stage. The real education eliminates the darkness from our mind and en light us to leave a better prosperous life .So we can say that the behavior and Attitude are the signs of a real Educated persons. - Category: Education
  • Art of Managing the Outsourcing Services ( 3686 reads)   

    Managing of outsourcing services includes business understanding, technical understanding and customer relationship management. The main activities of outsourcing service provider are automatic call distribution, call management, contact center management and ICT through computer and networks. - Category: Technology
  • The Art of Self Improvement ( 3966 reads)   

    The self improvement is purely a continuous process and it requires continuous effort. It is an art because it utilizes high self motivation, self confidence and self creativity, which are the vital ingredients to self development. The self improvement promotes to refine the human attitude, human behavior into the professional aspects. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • A Novel Integration Of ICT Driven Modern Business ( 4004 reads)   

    The information and communication technology has become the way of our life. The entire concept of ICT is based on providing the right information, to the right people at the right time. - Category: Technology
  • INTELLIGENCE: A Gift to Research and Development Sectors. ( 4458 reads)   

    The conventional intelligence and the computational intelligence are two different kinds of things. The conventional intelligence refers to the Artificial Intelligence where as the computational intelligence refers to the soft computational intelligence. Each and every large organization has its own research and development sectors to enhance the various intelligent entities. The research and development sectors utilize the principles of conventional intelligence to build various intelligent packages like medical diagnostic packages, machine repair and maintenance packages and the packages for scientific analysis and engineering design. - Category: Technology
  • Red Signal For Virus Attack - Signs of a Computer Virus ( 3488 reads)   

    Most of the computer users can not know when a virus or spy ware comes to their computers. Spy ware is just like a virus that stays silently in our system and silently observe our secret data and send those secret data to the hackers .This spy ware stays in our computer for a longer period of time and works monopoly. But it is not difficult to detect the virus. When the virus attacks to the computer, it gives some signals or symptoms - Category: Technology

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