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  • The Essence of Team Work    By: kishore thampi

    Successful team building in the workplace often translates into success for everyone. It is not difficult and does not require anyone to go out of their way or do anything extraordinary as a common man. We just need to have that positive attitude and respect for each others emotion to propitiate the spirit of team work amidst our staff. >> Category: Management
  • INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS ETHICS    By: raghu yadaganti

    introduction of ethics >> Category: Management
  • A Link Between Motivation and a Reward System of an Organization    By: Calvin Price

    This article is all about how a person can be motivated by his or her company in many ways. The article is a part of my research conducted to give a better idea of a strong reward system. I am writing this article after a long gap to understand how you viewers take such a topic in a negative or positive way. This is just a small part of my understanding so please abide by me and my article. >> Category: Management
  • Why Companies Internationalize Their Products?    By: Anuja Bhardwaj

    In the generation of modernization and globalization, it has become a fad to wear imported clothes. But have we ever thought that why do companies internationalize their products, what are the factors that force or attracts them to take such a big step? Well, there are two factors which are provocative for industrialists to take such decissions. >> Category: Management
  • A Perspective on Self Study    By: R. Devan

    This is an attempt to put together the author's opinion based on his own experiences regarding self study and how it can lead to better understanding of a person and his surroundings and thereby lead to better way of living. >> Category: Management
  • Organic Farming - Certification and Conversion Requirements    By: indumathi selvam

    How organic is your food? How to get organic certification? Whom to get certification from and its process. >> Category: Management
  • Interpersonal Communication - Motives, Styles and Theories    By: raghu yadaganti

    Interpersonal personal communication is defined as the communication that occurs between people who have known each other for some time, Interpersonal communication is inescapable, irreversible, complicated, contextual, These articles provides information regarding interpersonal communications models and communication model >> Category: Management
  • Process of Oral and Written Communication    By: raghu yadaganti

    It is very important to students to know about the process of oral communication and the way to go for presenting orally. And it is also important to know about process of written communication and the words to be used and not supposed to be used. The articles provides the information about the planning, organizing , delivering and controlling of oral and written communication >> Category: Management
  • Steps in Compensation Management    By: raghu yadaganti

    Compensation Management highlights the way how the employee is fairly compensated. Compensation refers to all forms of financial returns and tangible service and benefits employee receive a part of employment relationship. >> Category: Management
  • Blind People With Bright Vision    By: Liyakat Shah

    Well it may sound a little bit awkward that how come possible blind people have a bright vision. Well the answer to this question is that in spite of blindness some people do not consider themselves as blind and work harder and elegantly as compared to we people. We can see the glimpse of the above picture if cosmos and metros cities in India >> Category: Management
  • Goal For Productivity    By: Raja Vikram

    A goal is necessary for each individual to achieve something in their life. Even it is even much important for an organization. Each organization has their goals to achieve. >> Category: Management
  • Be Satisfied With Everything    By: Liyakat Shah

    Whatever Allah has written in our fortune we would get only that much of thing no one in this world has the power to increase or decrease our earnings or things without Allah's consent >> Category: Management
  • Betrayal by an Employer    By: TG Ramaswamy Iyer

    If you're reading this, then, no doubt, someone, somewhere, betrayed you at the office or your company betrayed you by doing one of several things. Perhaps, it was a promise of a promotion that never materialized, or perhaps it was a confidence that was breached. >> Category: Management
  • Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace    By: Stephanie Kjaerbaek

    This article pertains to harassment and discrimination in the workplace and outlines my own experience with one of two situations. >> Category: Management
  • Microfinance Institutions to Get Benefit From Microfinance Bill.    By: Devendra Pandey

    With the appr5oval of Microfinance Bill form the cabinet, micriofinance institutions are looking for betterment in the delivery of their services to enterprising poor community. The article describes the issues related with the microfinance. >> Category: Management

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