We all know that an organization is a well planned management to conduct business internally as well as externally. According to my research an organization can only grow when they have a well planned reward system to motivate employees. It is important that a company should recognize the efforts put by its employees. Many believe that using a positive approach for encouragement can produce better work and quality, but this is only possible when an employee is rewarded for his efforts. Every company should get to know their employees needs and desires. A well planned reward system needs to be introduce. This will motivate employees to do better. A company should introduce rewards such as hike in salary, promotions, parties or a praise to recognize a persons effort would make him or her work in a better flow and quality. Workers that are unhappy intent to work less, produce less quality work, laziness intent to crack through they bones and extra motivation can cause an over confident attitude towards work and fellow employees. You will also see that rewards varies from person to person depending on their needs. You might notice when you get motivated by someone for good work or a deed, you feel proud and like to do the same thing in a proper way with more effort. Incentives is another cycle which can be added to the reward system. A reward can only be earned when an employee helps a company to achieve something. Talking about motivation, challenging tasks should be given where a person a use his or her skills to complete it with perfection and for every challenging task a reward should be given. Not every one can get rewarded, an employee should be given the liberty to choose his or her field of job or task given in which they are good and can be an important asset to the company. Encouraging employees, talking to them about the issue they are facing at workplace, getting an instant solution and make them feel comfortable, motivated and go for their goals can benefit them as well as company. Sometimes an employee may not be happy in what he is doing but he is working just to earn a living. Most important part is security and stability. Every employee looks at a stable job and security. Sometimes these things can also be the cause that a person is not ready to take a step in which they will lose on something. A company should take an important step towards this and bring in that security feeling in a person. If a person knows his job is secured he will intent to work better. An employee should be rewarded with responsibilities and a higher rank or position where he or she can showcase his or her talent. When a company decides to link performance by motivating and encouraging with rewards, this can lead to a strong staff development. The theory where rewards can play an important role in motivating an employee can help in the growth of the company performance. It is a competitive market, and for a company to enter in to business this is an important step to adopt and secure a place of achievement. An effective reward system can attract attention towards a strong build up of an empire. We all look forward to our companies to recognize our skills, talents and to give us an opportunity ahead to achieve our dreams. Understanding of how much each employee puts in all efforts to be wanted as an important asset of the company we all look for a strong reward system and managers to motivate us to do better.

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Hello friends, its been since a long gap getting back to you all by taking out time to write this article. I dont know how far i could be true to my research but would be highly obliged if you could get back to me with your comments on my research and let me know if i was wrong or right to myconsent