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About Me: I acquired ph.d. in industrial finance and published 10 books in finance area of my specialisation. I have been working as faculty member and having 23 years of expeirience in pg and ug level.

Articles by gunda ramesh babu:
  • The Mindset of Public, Private and Parliament in India ( 3054 reads)   

    The present environment in India is in highly dangerous situation in all spheres of politics, economy, and industrial environment. The entire nation is facing several problems such as telecommunication scam, adarsh housing scam, s-band scam, block money in Swiss bank, violence in several states, like telengana, and inflation etc., india is facing a high deficit financial crunch today. - Category: Politics
  • The Mindset of Public, Private and Parliament ( 2610 reads)   

    The present environment in India is in highly dangerous situation in all spheres of politics, economy, and industrial environment. The entire nation is facing several problems such as telecommunication scam, adarsh housing scam, s-band scam, block money in Swiss bank, violence in several states, like telengana, and inflation etc.. - Category: Finance
  • Are the Government Policies Really Helpful or Harmful? ( 4201 reads)   

    The reforms are not accidental, they are incidental. The government of India introduced several policies to change the lives of 100 crore plus people. Privatization means inviting private participation into the agreed sectors. - Category: Finance
  • Rural Poverty in India ( 3085 reads)   

    Poverty is the basic factor for undevelopment. The development of a nation depends upon three powerful factors such as TECHNOLOGY, CAPITAL AND HUMAN POWER. - Category: Finance
  • The Interlinking of Rivers in India ( 2621 reads)   

    The interlinking of rivers is not a new proposal at present. Arthur cotton had proposed the linking of some rivers in 19th century. He proposed for promotion of inland navigation. The Indians are more thankful to him due to his foresight. - Category: Finance
  • Water Problems in India ( 3296 reads)   

    Water is a scared commodity in India. Agriculture in India is an adventure activity. The millions of cultivators are disposed at the mercy of monsoons. Monsoons occupy a dominant role in the Indian economy. - Category: Issues
  • Financial Performance of Interlinking of Rivers in India ( 2534 reads)   

    There is a strong need for interlinking of rivers. Large dams are instruments for river basin areas. The policy makers and politicianís mindset should also have to change in solving the problem. - Category: Finance
  • MONEY MARKET - Short Term Sources of Finance ( 3544 reads)   

    What is Money Market? It is a market for short term sources of finance. The short term finance will be utilised by the business enterprises as a working capital management. - Category: Finance
  • Layman at the Disposal of Reserve Bank of India ( 2240 reads)   

    The Reserve Bank's affairs are governed by a Central Board of Directors, consisting of fourteen non-executive, independent directors nominated by the Government, in addition to the Governor and up to four Deputy Governors - Category: Finance
  • Powerful Weapon at the Disposal of Central Government ( 2147 reads)   

    The RBI was established under the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 on April 1, 1935 as a private shareholders' bank but since its nationalization in 1949, is fully owned by the Government of India. - Category: Finance
  • Reserve Bank of India at Information Technology Crossroads ( 3291 reads)   

    Reserve bank of India (or RBI) should change its functions according to the trends of technology. The information technology should further to develop software to suit the needs of the Indian customer. - Category: Finance
  • National Policy on Older Persons ( 2559 reads)   

    Government of India announced the national policy on older persons in 1999 to reaffirm its commitment to ensure the well-being of the older persons in a holistic manner. - Category: Finance
  • Financial Assistance to Senior Citizens in India ( 2803 reads)   

    Senior citizens are reservoir of knowledge of a nation. They should be honored like a guest. The national social assistance programme came into effect from 15th august, 1995. NSAP is a programme for the poor households. - Category: Finance
  • Public Distribution System in India ( 5069 reads)   

    Public distribution system means distribution of essential commodities to a large number of people through a network of fair price shops on a recurring basis. It evolved as a major instrument of the government's economic policy for ensuring availability of food grains to the public at affordable prices.. - Category: Finance
  • Primary Care Approach to Ageing ( 2167 reads)   

    Ageing is a universal biological fact and a natural process. It begins from the day we are born, or perhaps even before. The perception of age, however, is socially constructed. - Category: Health
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India ( 2588 reads)   

    The new economic policy 1991 transformed successively towards a market-oriented economy. The entire globe is rotating on the flow of funds. After reforms, the financial sector has grown tremendously. - Category: Finance
  • Beyond ATM: Getting the Maximum Utility From Them ( 2281 reads)   

    All petty payments should be transfer through ATMs. A mandatory body should undertake the networking of ATMs. The atms should be open like an internet cafe and a single clerk should be attached to the atm for collection of cheques from customers and deposits from public. - Category: Finance
  • Food Security and Agriculture Issues ( 4198 reads)   

    Agriculture issues and food security are gaining importance in the wake of global food crisis steep rise in food grain prices. The global food crisis in 2007-08, mainly in south East Asia, and Africa is attributed to several reasons. - Category: Food
  • Indian Economy - Privitisation, Liberalisation and Globalisation ( 4543 reads)   

    PRIVITISATION, LIBERALISATION AND GLOBALISATION is the familiar word throughout the world. Privatization means reducing government role and increasing importance to the private sector. Globalization is a magic word that resembles throughout the world in the digital economy. It is a worldwide battle for business sector. This policy will change the lives of 800 crores of population of the globe - Category: Finance
  • Financial Discipline ( 3699 reads)   

    The discipline is mother of all good characters. The financial discipline is the father of the economic development. The development of a nation is only possible with the help of financial discipline. The behavioural finance will occupy a dominant role in building up of good reputation of a firm or a nation or to an individual. The prosperity or poverty is the option before a nation. - Category: Finance
  • Privatsation, Globalisation and Liberalisation ( 2526 reads)   

    The fruits of information technology revolution should be reach to the layman. Policies are enzymes reforms are antibiotics. The policies are driving force for the development of a nation. A strong policy leads to good development environment. Privatisation, globalisation and liberalisation are becoming mantras to all the nations throughout the globe. - Category: Finance
  • Indian Financial System ( 4138 reads)   

    Financial markets are nerve centres for the development of an economy. The development of a nation depends upon financial skill of the nation. A better utilisation of human and financial resources are the key points in reaching the strategic goal. Financial markets will help the agriculture sector to implement a project of inter linking of rivers - Category: Finance

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