The fruits of information technology revolution should be reach to the layman. Policies are enzymes reforms are antibiotics. The policies are driving force for the development of a nation. A strong policy leads to good development environment.

Before IT revolution, every thing is INLINE,
After IT revolution, every thing is ONLINE.

Privatization, liberalization, and globalization are the mantras of all nations. These policies have been influenced the lives of crores of people on the earth. LPG is not a new policy of 21st century... The basic aim behind the policies is cost cutting, high productivity, reduction of wastage, creation of scientific community, a high concentration of cost control weapons. The right person to achieve the goal should utilize them. On the other hand, these weapons are sharper and require many precautions before going to utilize them, otherwise it will be misfired. Every nation in the globe wants to introduce these policies in their countries. Privatization reveals the helplessness of the public sector and at the same; it explores the high potential of the capabilities of the private sector. It is more helpful to the society when used it properly. However, the welfare of the society must be protected. Privatization is both harmful and helpful to the society. The government is the custodian of the society .Hence, it should take precautions, and it can be implemented for the helpful of the society by avoiding harmful of the policy.

There is a misbelieve that privatization will harm the society, but it can be overcome with creation of a lot of competition in the market. Privatization means reducing the role of government and at the same time increasing importance to the private sector. The harmfulness of the privatization can be countered with a high dose of creation of competition. Competition is a best weapon to suppress the price levels of commodities. The government needs not to bother about the high inflation. A higher rate of inflation can be attacked with a high dose of competition. Competition provides higher quality of goods at cheaper prices. The creation of the best business environment is enough for full competition. The policy makers should take initiatives for speedy disposal of decision making for setting up of large units in the country. At present no doubt that, the public sector alone creates millions of jobs to eradicate unemployment. The private sector has high potential to create crores of jobs to the youth.

The government should create good working environment in unorganized market. For this purpose, the unorganized work force should be brought into the organized market. In this juncture, the government should try to protect the interest of the lab our force in the unorganized market on par with the organized market force. There will be a comparison between workers in organized and unorganized market. The government should make equal facilities and benefits to the organized and unorganized markets.

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I am an author from India and published 10 books in finance area of specilisation. I have 23 years of teaching experience and published several articles in refereed journals.