The national social assistance programme came into effect from 15th august, 1995. NSAP is a programme for the poor households. The fulfillment of this principles enshrined in article 41 and 42 of the constitution of India.

• The national old age pension scheme covers older persons/destitute for whom i.e., they did not having any source of income or financial support from their families. At present 50% of the older persons are covered in this scheme. The state governments are advised to add some amount as their contribution in the federal set up. During 10th five-year plan an 110,793,860 elderly covered and US $ 1022.20 million approx. were incurred on this count.

• Presently persons of 60 years of age are entitled for 30% concessions in train fare in all classes. There are different airlines providing 45% to 50% concession in air journey to senior citizens.

• Older persons who are above 65 years of age also enjoy income tax rebate up to 15,000 of actual tax with provision for deduction of Rs.20,000 spent on account of medical insurance premium and Rs.40,000 spent on medical treatment from taxable income. Senior citizens are exempted from income tax up to 1.95 lakh as per the union annual budget, 2007.

• Banks are providing 0.5%-1percentage additional interest to older persons of 65 years and above on fixed deposits. The public facilities for the elderly are initiated by the government, which includes reservation of seats for elderly in the public transport, railways and airways.

In India, central government and state governments carry out the safety net programmes. Policy framing, financing decisions are taken by central government and policy implementation by state governments. Both governments will contribute the financial resources. The government presently carries the following programmes in order to face the crisis and improving the quality of life style of an Indian citizen. In this paper, an attempt has been made to study about the old age pension schemes available in India.

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