The present environment in India is in highly dangerous situation in all spheres of politics, economy, and industrial environment. The entire nation is facing several problems such as telecommunication scam, adarsh housing scam, s-band scam, block money in Swiss bank, violence in several states, like telengana, and inflation etc., India is facing a high deficit financial crunch today. The central government is in lack of funds, though the collection of direct taxes exceeds its targets, and increase in gdp growth, but we must feel sorry for the decreasing output of agricultural sector.

As per the reports in media, the unaccounted money in abroad, exceeds Rs. 80,00,000 crores is an equalent to the gdp of India. The politicians, who came to the power, they think only about their term of five years and all the decisions will be taken by different dimensions. Their mindset should be changed and they should be trained as a professional and try to increase their expertism. The professional expertism should be utilised by the nation by giving a proper training. The crores of funds are lying at the disposal of ministers, chief ministers and prime ministers. The cabinet should be like a board room of the commercial enterprise. They should have professional thinking and a strong commitment towards the public service. The public mindset also be changed, by not taking any amount for their casting of vote. A few hundred rupees per vote will spoil the lives of crores of people.

If the mindset has been changed, then it is easy to the government to handle the issues. The subsidy must be provided only to a needy people. The official mindset also be changed and try to deliver the goods as per the wish and will of the parliament/assembly.

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