The entire India knows the consequences of the privatization in case of the telecommunication sector. At present the communication facilities in India has been increased exponentially. The growth and success of this sector explores many things before the policy makers. The learning experience of this sector should apply to the remaining sectors, with more careful. Banking sector is no exception to the privatization mantra. Privatization needs cost control and better delivery of quality service to the customers. The government has permitted to the commercial banks to declare interest rates according to their convenient. This situation forced the banks to mobilize more funds from market and arrangement of loans to the borrowers in time. The speedy disposal of loans at competitive interest prices have been attracted the customers. The creation of competition among the banks is a good policy.

Commercial banks and others have also utilized the latest technology. Technology is the most important factor for any nation. Technology can change the human life in a highly influencing manner. The introduction of AUTOMATIC TELLER MACHINE is a wonderful gift to the banking sector. The banks should encourage the customers to utilize these machines by providing more facilities. ATMs can reduce the work pressure on staff. The work force in the banks, should be utilized for non - cash transactions. The banks can extend more facilities in ATM by developing with the help of information technology. The ATMs should be developed for payment of insurance policy premium, payment of electricity bills, payment of railway reservation tickets, air ticketing, transfer of petty amounts like below Rs.5,000 to avoid paper work of the banks. Issue of a demand draft, collection of cheque, consumes more man working hours of the human forces. All petty payments should be transfer through ATMs. A mandatory body should undertake the networking of ATMs. The atms should be open like an internet café and a single clerk should be attached to the atm for collection of cheques from customers and deposits from public. The utilization of atms should come from +2 stages of students.

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