The monsoons are playing a vital important in the Indian agriculture sector. India depends upon the monsoon for its water requirement for cultivation. They are making a visit for 2.5 months in a year. The visit of monsoon is not equal to entire India. They concentrate in northeast India with a high dose of 11,000 mm and a low provision for 200 mm in some locations of western India. The variability in visit of monsoons is severely faced by state of Rajasthan.

Thar desert is a world famous for partiality of monsoon visiting to the particular location. Indian dreams should be fulfilled a cultivation in Tar desert makes more comfortable water resources. India faces many problems in water resources due to a high level of skewed hydrograph. The water resources during monsoon sessions will make comfortable, but when the session is over many rivers will dry up. The management of water resources in India is a highly difficult task before government. The rivers will overflow during rainy season and after that period; the area will become dry in summer. Hence, there is a strong need in human intervention of the water management. It is a highly difficult task to maintain water levels during summer period in India. Drought areas are increasing every year due to water shortage and people are migrating to urban areas by giving up of cultivation. Water storage in large scale provides a solution to the problem.

Therefore, there is a strong need for interlinking of rivers. Large dams are instruments for river basin areas. The policy makers and politician’s mindset should also have to change in solving the problem.
India’s mega project inter linking of rivers will solve many problems. The internal disputes between two states, regions and districts will be settled. The proposal for the interlinking of rivers offering a combination of storage dams and transfer canals flow of water. The development of agriculture will be highly exposed and India will become a super power on the earth. The combination of high growth of agriculture sector, manufacturing and services sector will definitely stimulate the gross domestic production of the nation.

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