Financial markets are nerve centres for the development of an economy. The development of a nation depends upon financial skill of the nation. A better utilisation of human and financial resources are the key points in reaching the strategic goal. Financial markets will help the agriculture sector to implement a project of inter linking of rivers

Indian financial system was strongly constructed on four important pillars. They are classified as

The financial markets are very dynamic and they are helpful to develop India more prosperity. The development of a nation depends upon the velocity of decision making period will enhance the growth of the industrial sector. India basically depends upon agriculture sector. But in India agriculture is an adventurous activity. The strong growth in agriculture leads to wealth creation of our nation. the agriculture sector should be developed by implementing the project of interlinking of rivers. The inter linking of rivers will solve the problems of Indian farmers. the inter linking of rivers require a huge investment of funds and a time period of 10 years. the funds are required for an investment of Rs. 15,00,000 crores. the Indian financial market will have the capacity to provide this amount of huge capital. The project will generate more financial benefits in the long run. the modern India will be built with the help of this project. It generates more employment opportunities by way of providing the work under the NATIONAL RURAL EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME. The employment programme will be utilised for this purpose.

This mega project will keep India ahead of China. India can become powerful dominant role in forthcoming years. India has excellent man power and technical capability to execute the mega projects without delay. A delay in project execution cost about double of the present cost. The agriculture sector may create an opportunity for agro based industries in India. Agro based industries are value addition products. Agro-based food products can be exported. Now India is transforming from agriculture sector to service sector. service sector is also providing a good opportunity but India is not concentrating to provide services for its development.

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