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Author: Thomas White

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About Me: I am Tech expert.

Articles by Thomas White:
  • There Isn't Any Short Cut....!!! ( 2441 reads)   

    It's now luck these days to get a good tech support from a company without getting scammed or ripped off by paying them heavy stuff. So this was my experience having a good tech support. - Category: Technology
  • Computer Tech Support and Its Future ( 3072 reads)   

    Whenever you will have the first sign of trouble in your computer just dial for the remote online tech support. And they can help you in no time. They are faster and safer than the technicians that come home for fixing your machine. - Category: Technology
  • Worst Technical Support Ever (Avast antivirus) ( 3228 reads)   

    I was using Avast for some time and had a support contract with me. So after all my attempts failed installing it and troubleshooting didn't resolve my problem so I decided to take the advantage of my support contract with professional software shop and so I just called them for answer. - Category: Technology
  • Birthday Present For My Son ( 2663 reads)   

    I sent that laptop back to them to get it fixed again. I received it back and the problem was still there. Are you kidding me? I started using it and the problem is still there. It was like those old days when your grandma's old TV would vertically roll until you adjusted it and it would jump up so fast that you couldn't see the picture. - Category: Technology
  • The Virtual World of Machines ( 2507 reads)   

    Machines make you dependent on it pretty easily. And that's what happened to me, after using machines. I became a loner and got connected to my machine i.e. my Computer, a lot. And suddenly when you machine stops working you end up facing loads of problem. you go helpless and you tend to seek help from people who are experienced but when you end up having no luck from them, it gets annoying. - Category: Technology
  • Everquester - Online 3D Game ( 2486 reads)   

    That wasn't any good to me but I had no choice. So I waited. After I got connected to a technician he assured me to visit with the RAM and the graphic card the next day. Oh great! The next day he arrived with the two and the installation process went completely fine, as it look though. - Category: Technology
  • Dell Hell Computer ( 4064 reads)   

    After finally getting it all set up the way I wanted, all was well for a few days until I came into the office. I pushed the power button to get started and nothing happened. As I expected a screen to show up but actually nothing happened... That was pretty strange to me. - Category: Technology
  • Specially Abled ( 2677 reads)   

    I tried it again the next day but the same thing happened and this time the technician went completely baffled. The third day when I managed to make them understand my situation, the technician still he couldn't fix the issue. I went completely depressed and concluded it with that I can never resolve this issue of mine. - Category: Technology
  • Long Distance Love ( 7020 reads)   

    I was almost on the verge of losing my temper when my local technician told me to send my machine to them for a week to get this repaired. A week... I can't wait till a week. - Category: Technology

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