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  • The Secret Words of God.. What Are They? ( 2482 reads)   

    The creator of this entire universe cannot be compared as He is the alpha and omega or the start and the end of all. Everything He has done is for the betterment of the mankind, are we faith full to Him today? - Category: Religion
  • Gardening is an Art - Do Plants Respond to our Care? ( 4726 reads)   

    Since my childhood I love to have lot of plants in my garden. I liked to have lot of flowers in my garden, but as we were in flats we never had this opportunity to grow plants in our home. So I waited for the times to come.... I used to see cartoon much so I get fascinated by this when plants speak or like exhibit their power. But I was not sure if they were true. - Category: Nature
  • Are You Having Restless Sleep? Try a Proper Sleeping Direction ( 4749 reads)   

    Having good sleep is a great blessing . As sleep is considered as one of the most essential factor in our routine life we need to sleep minimum six hours a day as told by researches. disturbed and restless sleep may lead to various health disorders mentally and physically. May be these tips can find a way for you.. - Category: Health
  • Take Charge to Charge Yourself Now Through Crystals. ( 2853 reads)   

    Willingness to live happy and enjoy life is the choice of all, so how can we charge and enhance this wonder of happiness in our home. get through to find it out... - Category: Others
  • Do You Believe in Ghosts - Is It True? ( 2223 reads)   

    All of us heard lot of stories regarding ghosts, and also would have seen many movies which are terrific and scary. but is there really such one... none of us would have seen nor someone would have felt it but there always exist a mythic in the existence of evil spirit . let us see what it is all about - Category: Others
  • Do You Want to Build a Healthy Bond With Your Spouse ( 3079 reads)   

    Everyone is depended to each other in one or another way and have greater expectation for each other. Everybody has problems and there would be heating arguments within the family also which results in the weakness of the bond between you and your spouse. You may feel depressed and how to make the way out of such troubles forever. How to bring your life back? - Category: Relationships
  • The Power of Subconscious Mind is Unbelievable, But its True ( 3340 reads)   

    All of us have various needs and thoughts in mind, but most of the things seems not favoring us..most time we may even feel depressed of things happening to us. Asking god why do you do this to me? Or why is it happening to me only? Apart from your hard work and dedication. What is missing? I got a simple little secret which may help you indeed bring great change in your life. - Category: Others
  • Are You a Woman Under Stress- Remove the Noodles From Your Head ( 3252 reads)   

    Although we live with lot of sophistication we are still bonded with heaped responsibilities . looking forward at this by itself brings great headaches . Today women's are no less than men's and hence they are care taker of children's, parents, husband, managing the house comparatively playing vital role in the office... - Category: Women

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