Everyone is depended to each other in one or another way and have greater expectation for each other. Everybody has problems and there would be heating arguments within the family also which results in the weakness of the bond between you and your spouse. You may feel depressed and how to make the way out of such troubles forever. How to bring your life back?

Everyone makes mistakes it is well known to all , you, me and all but pointing out or focusing only on mistakes will not help to heal out thing. Men have certain common characters and do the women. There are is small tips that I can give you.

Some way to cool the situation , if your man is angry:
• Do not argue on things he don't like nor uninterested.
• Never try to focus on his mistakes and make it to look more bigger than it is.
• Don't keep nagging him, nor depreciate him.
• Better keep silent till he cools down, prepare his favorite dish to eat and fill his stomach. "touch a man's heart by his stomach" is the proverb.
• Most important how will you make him understand..what you expect from him nor you want him to do?
• Take a white paper write down the things that he could do it in a better way.. and express that you are sorry for him. Paste it on the mirror or the place it falls on his sight but never say a word about it. Keep doing your work... speak soft words with tenderness.
Automatically he will fall on love once again.... And may accept your mind and heart.

If your lady is angry:

• It's the same don't argue but keep listening to her without interrupting whether you like or dislike.
• Give her a surprise gift , it not need to be costly but simple thing even a imitated stud could make her happy but the gift should be to her taste. Last of all give her a hug and give her the confidence that you are there for her forever.....

Both of them should appreciate for each other and have respect for each other which bring love to your life

Having expectation is good but too much can bring only hatred inside you so better go the way it leads and accept the fact. So there shall be diamond bonding. Good luck to bond yourself

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