Since my childhood I love to have lot of plants in my garden. I liked to have lot of flowers in my garden, but as we were in flats we never had this opportunity to grow plants in our home. So I waited for the times to come.... I used to see cartoon much so I get fascinated by this when plants speak or like exhibit their power. But I was not sure if they were true.

I always had in mind that plants speak without words and they are the nature mother for all.
So when I grew up I went back to my native for my higher studies staying alone at my home and my parents stayed back to earn .so the best part of this is I used to go to my friends house or neighbors house to spend my time . whenever I come back I would get a plant from their garden to fill my garden.

I got as many as I want and with great care I used to plant them, water them, put manures if necessary, what I want is I want them to be fresh and give me some flowers... and of course I do give plants for my friends. Most of my relatives who comes would say why are you wasting your time on this, after all they are useless plants. But I kept taking care . all my plants started to bud out , it was just like miracle that one day I saw my garden full of flowers. My neighbors were jealous as I never spent money for buying these plants were they did. But their plants did not flower out.

I was so happy to see all them , I keep walking between them speaking to them whatever I feel like speaking, even I use to share my worries, they listen to me. I feel little soothing too.. I touch them with great care as if they were my kids. This was not for so long. The terrible summer came were all my plants started to die one by one... I could not tolerate it ,I poured water how much I could but still in vain..

In all my plants jasmine as one of my favorite, it flowers so beautifully I never plucked any of them for my hairs as I always kept admiring them. But now because of sand ants also they were dying how can I stop them, as I poured water they came more for chillness. All my neighbors were making fun of me."

This is what it happens e we told you, they were not worried about their plants but happy my plants died. So I fixed my mind none of my plants are going to die.. every day went to each of my plant I asked them not to leave me and make me alone, I prayed for them.. all their leaves dried and fell on the grounds most were half dead. But I never gave up, even then I poured water and kept praying all my green garden was totally dry no flowers no more leaves. I saw them from my window it as awful . but then I came to see my favorite jasmine wow it sprout out new leaf . wow wow I could not believe my eyes my prayers were answered and they listened to me they came back for me...

Now I am married I am not with them but they are looking for my coming to see them... . whenever I go to my parents home I visit them and speak to them . jasmine gave flowers to my daughter....

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