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About Me: I am a student of Mass Communication (Final years). I wrote many articles different news papers. where I take award. Writing is my hobby when I was studying in High School. My first articles "What is Neutron Bomb" was published in Nawa-e-Waqat daily, Pak

Articles by abdul qayyum:
  • Muslim Countries Under Drone Attack - Who Will Take Stand Against This ( 3454 reads)   

    Imran Khan (Ex Cricketer) giving derna (Sitting) against drone attacks in Tribal Areas. Jammat Islami and civil community participating in this derna (Sitting) - Category: Politics
  • Is Jamaat-e-Islami is Capable to Make a Revolution in Pakistan ( 5846 reads)   

    Analysis Report about Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan. Jamaat-e-Islami and Pakistan Muslim League both parties are the oldest in Pakistani Politics. - Category: Others
  • Is War is the Only Solution to Solve the Issues of Pakistan and India ( 3123 reads)   

    Invitation of Indian Prime Minister to Pakistani Prime Minister and President to watch the India-Pakistan World Cup semi-final in Mohali on March 30. - Category: Politics
  • How we Can Save the World From Frustration and Anxiety ( 3271 reads)   

    Frustration and anxiety are increasing day by day. In this article i try my best how we can curb this tendency for prosperity in the world? - Category: Others
  • Turkey is a Glittering Star For All the Muslim World (Analysis) ( 3748 reads)   

    Turkey is bridge between East and West. Some political analytical said that USA is using Turkey and promote their activities in Islamic World for achieving better result. But dis agree these analysis reports because Turkey has lengthy experience with Western Countries. - Category: Politics
  • Future of Pakistan and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Analysis) ( 3709 reads)   

    The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has in the last few years emerged as an important actor in the international order. In fact this organization was established on 26 April 1996 with name of Shanghai Five and after the inclusion of Uzbekistan in 2001, the members recommended the new name of this organization by the leader of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. - Category: Relationships
  • Economic Partnership of India with Japan and Malaysia ( 4535 reads)   

    The trend of closer regional ties, particularly closer cooperation in economic and trade fields, is fast emerging in the changing international situation. The nations living in different parts of the world are enhancing their relations with their neighbors in a way in which they no only learn from one another's experiences but where benefits of economic development. - Category: Politics
  • Analysis Report - Chinese Aided Development Projects in Pakistan ( 3696 reads)   

    Pakistan, in keeping with geo-political and geo-economic reasons, cannot ignore these developments, which will fundamentally effect Pakistan's regional interest. In this article I discuss about china relationship with Pakistan regarding development in Pakistan with the collaboration and help of Chines government. Due to dual policy of United State with Pakistan and India. - Category: Relationships

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