Beside bringing together two major Eurasian powers. China and Russia, the organization has recently granted observer status to three additional regional powers, India, Pakistan and Iran. A number of western and especially American analysts says that this organization against the interest of United state . Europe and Japan, but as per their organizers aim of this organization can only promote for the prosperity and economic revival in the region. I think that this consortium makes the SCO a key player in accelerating regional integration and cooperation. This council also holds annual summits, at which all members discuss regional issues with mutual cooperation and it is difficult for China to promote their own agenda in the council.

SCO has now promoting their activities and relations with UN, European Union and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). Pakistan, India , Iran and Mongolia is observer states of SCO. Pakistan which currently is an observer, cannot remain distant from such an important organization. A number of geo-political and geo-economical realities necessitate that Islamabad should make every effort to join this group. In this regard, the idea put forward by President Musharraf for using Pakistan as an energy corridor for the SCO member countries merits serious attention.

As I write in my previous article "Analysis Report - Chinese aided Development Projects in Pakistan" that the vast spectrum of bilateral cooperation between Pakistan and the People's Republic of China ranges from political, economic and cultural spheres to the fields of defense, science, technology and engineering. Continued strategic dialogue between China and Pakistan on security and defense issue at both governmental and institutional levels would greatly contribute to maintaining peace in the region. For this purpose, panel of experts should be formed. An enhanced level of interaction between the two countries, which have historically enjoyed exemplary relations, would also promote the idea of joint strategy for regional peace.

China roll in Baluchistan is commendable there engineers and mechanics are working for completion of various projects even their lives are not safe. They work for the prosperity of Baloch public as well as for Pakistan. Many Chinese companies are investing through out the world. Pakistani Government encouraged China investors to invest their money in Pakistan. Pakistan should try to make their laws more attractive for Chinese investment.

SCO is a dynamic forum where china importance cannot be ruled out. Pakistan Government can utilized their contact for the prosperity of Pakistan. Since 1967, there existed a trade agreement between China and Pakistan, but it is ended in 2000. There is need to revive this agreement but also expand the area of its jurisdiction and inclusion of move in this direction through either bilateral agreements or regional arrangements.

Keeping in view of above Pakistan must be joined SCO with the assistance of China and other regional friends. This forum is way for the prosperity of this country. Economical position of Pakistan is very weak and for better economic growth it is necessary to take some concrete step for boost up their economical condition.

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