Pakistan, in keeping with geo-political and geo-economic reasons, cannot ignore these developments, which will fundamentally effect Pakistan's regional interest. In this article I discuss about china relationship with Pakistan regarding development in Pakistan with the collaboration and help of Chines government. Due to dual policy of United State with Pakistan and India.

The vast spectrum of bilateral cooperation between Pakistan and the People's Republic of China ranges from political, economic and cultural spheres to the fields of defense, science technology and engineering. The prime objectives of seeking technical assistance from China has been to promote industrial self-reliance and build a sound technical base in the country by applying the most up-to-date technologies and process developed.

China is only country which has transferred to Pakistan modern technology in defense industry. In the matter of making Pakistan self-sufficient in the production of arms. China's most outstanding contribution has been its assistance in setting up the Heavy Rebuild Factory and the Kara Aeronautical Complex. A tank rebuild factory at Taxila, Pakistan was commissioned in November 1979. It can repair and overhaul tanks and manufacture some spare parts. In June 1990, an agreement was signed for transfer of technology and for more cooperation in defense production including the progressive production of Al-Khalid in Pakistan. China also assisted Pakistan's guided missile programe.

In the wake of US nuclear deal with India while ignoring Pakistan's growing energy requirements, China signed a deal with Pakistan for the construction of 300 Megawatt Chashma Nuclear Power Plant It would be completed at end of 2011.

The role of China in Gwadar project (Quetta) is substantial and hypo static. From the total cost of the project as US$ 1.16 billion. China is helping for the construction of a highway from Gwadar Port with Karachi. The work on this highway (Makran Coastal Highway) is almost completed.

There is need to improve the existing land and air facilities between China and Pakistan.All available means and resources should be exploited to devise a plan for the using of historical silk rout (Karakorum Highway), which is remains close due creation of a natural lack in Gilgit and Hanza Vally. The need to revive the policy with China and Pakistan for better understanding.

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