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Author: Giusi Dangelico

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Articles by Giusi Dangelico:
  • The Oneira .. It's a Dream Question ( 4811 reads)   

    THE ONEIRA is the Progressive rock band lead by the Greek multi-instrumentalist Filippos GOUGOUMIS. A multi-cultural project across Greece, Italy and Germany. - Category: Entertainment
  • Why Did You Betray Me? ( 4982 reads)   

    Some people can deal with cheaters, others can't. Some think they can, then they realize they can't. Why people betray? Here are some questions and answers by cheaters - Category: Relationships
  • Complicity in the Couple. ( 9300 reads)   

    Be complicit does not necessarily mean living together under the same roof for many years, but being able to grasp in advance the reactions and needs of the partner. It also means being not ashamed to say 'I need you' and being not afraid that he could use it against you and control you... - Category: Relationships
  • The Impossible Love !! ( 4489 reads)   

    The impossible love is made of mystery, charm, expectations, projections on the other, hopes, dreams, expectations, INTRIGUE. And it is precisely the latter that survives in these loves, even when everything seems to hinder its completion, even when friends or family try to fight it or discourage it. Obstacles and challenges, on the contrary, feed it even more... - Category: Relationships
  • I Have Seen Men Going to Brazil For ... ? ( 4320 reads)   

    It is not true that men are all the same. The lucky is to meet those we most admire. - Category: Men
  • The Passion ( 4047 reads)   

    Passion nurtures itself in mutual desire, escapes reason, lives among tensions and, if not fulfilled, burns the soul. - Category: Relationships
  • Professors Marco Gasparotti and Ivo Pitanguy ( 4644 reads)   

    Beauty only creates artificial and vulnerable passions. Many beautiful women with flawless bodies - including sought-after models, show-girls and 'veline' - have been betrayed by boyfriends or husbands in search of new emotions, showing that beauty alone cannot support a solid union. Beauty captivates, seduces, but unfortunately does not hold couples together.Hope in plastic surgery is to balance - Category: Health
  • I Miss You .. What Happens When We Miss Someone ( 5581 reads)   

    We live in a superficial world, where beautiful words like I love you, you're special, I miss you, I need you, seem only to fill solitary moments of lonely lives or to selfishly please someone's need for love and attention. All claim to have been wounded, to not longer believe in love and still be afraid of suffering, but few are concerned if their lies can cause pain to those who may believe their words or really love them. - Category: Relationships

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