Why did you betray me?

"Why did you betray me?" Asks one wounded lover. The answers are often the worst part of the conversation, because they are often full of lies:

Here are the most common: -"Who? Me? No! It’s not true! How dare you?" -"I swear, it happened just once, long ago, and with a person who no longer exists (or) ... that means nothing to me." -"I didn’t want to do it, I was forced, I was drunken... I tried to resist.... It was without my involvement."

These are all lies, but the question remains the same: why?

The real answers, unconfessable, never revealed for fear of hurting others or fear of revenges, are always stored deep in our hearts. Because - I wanted to transgress!. -I don’t love you anymore. - yesterday you were my passion, today only a sweet affection. -I wanted to make you pay for something. -I am not happy with my relationship. -I wanted to see if people still like me. - I am in love with another person. - of boredom, anger, lack of interest, selfishness, or new love.... Many the reasons to signal the end of a relationship that for some reasons: family, social and economic "must" remain united despite of dignity and sincerity.

It is not easy to hide. It is not easy to live with the guilt and remorse. It is not easy to be the culprit of the end of a relationship, and even less easy to destroy the heart of your partner. It is not easy to ask for forgiveness, and it is not easy to be forgiven. All this is very hard to pass, but still aware of the size of the problem, we chose to have more of a love ...

When in love, is it possible to betray?

This article was translated by Giusi Dangelico, author of the same article in Italian by Vanity Fair.

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