Sometimes it happens to be caught in what is commonly called "impossible love", defined as such because the obstacles to its success is so insurmountable to seem like a mirage or a fantasy. Some psychologists say that the impossible love is a refuge from reality, but sometimes it comes true, against any proof of evidence.

Love is defined impossible in some cases. When it is unilateral, when one or both are already involved romantically with another partner, when physical distances seem overwhelming, when there is a significant difference of age, because of different religions and neither of the two parts want to give up their belief (especially if rooted and lived with extremism). These are just the most common examples of impossible loves. Everyone has experienced it at least once in life.

The impossible love is made of mystery, charm, expectations, projections on the other, hopes, dreams, expectations, INTRIGUE. And it is precisely the latter that survives in these loves, even when everything seems to hinder its completion, even when friends or family try to fight it or discourage it. Obstacles and challenges, on the contrary, feed it even more.

It takes COURAGE to live an impossible love, it takes CHARACTER in trying to implement it, and accept all the challenges.

It is through the difficulties that it is possible to recognize how important or essential that impossible love was, if the long physical distances are shortened even with one thousand efforts, if a clandestine love can become legitimate and if the opinions of the others on the difference of age or the different nationality can disturb our peace and discomfort.

I have been having this post in mind since this morning, when I met an historical friend who explained to me that in order for a love to be appreciated it must have at least one of the characteristics listed above to be considered attractive. As if the impossible did automatically trigger the desire, the adrenaline, the desire to prove themselves, to overcome the challenges to finally enjoy that love.

This common pain of "impossible love" needs to be experienced to understand that once you overcome all these obstacles, you must face what is usually regarded as the most important obstacle: the everyday life!

There are loves that once consumed become IMPOSSIBLE ... but in the worst sense of the word.

Love is what remains of passion, but it is also, and most of all, (to my mind) respect, good manners, kindness, gentleness, trust, understanding and presence in the moment of need. When we learn to overcome challenges, to live the everyday life and relate with each other according to these fees, then we are really living an impossible love ... in the best sense of the word this time!

About Author / Additional Info:
Giusi Dangelico,
Italian writer