THE ONEIRA is the Progressive rock band lead by the Greek multi-instrumentalist Filippos GOUGOUMIS.

A multi-cultural project across Greece, Italy and Germany. Together with the keyboards player GianPaolo "BANJO" BEGNONI, he wrote the first album "Natural Prestige" (Musea Parallèle, 2011) which was recorded in Space Lab Studios (Germany) with Filippos GOUGOUMIS' close friend and produced Oliver PHILIPPS and Christian MOSS. As a musician himself, the first named guested on vocals, along with a session vocalist and a drummer.

"Natural Prestige" was pretty welcomed in the internationl Progressive rock scene, proving the skill of the band and the right mix between old and new "colours". After that first effort, Filippos GOUGOUMIS decided to challenge himself and work on more complex, mature and sophisticated sound which is the new step to "forge" the style of THE ONEIRA. Oliver PHILIPPS suggested his Italian friend Danilo "SAKKO" SACCOTELLI as a permanent drummer. He's also a writer and lyricist, grown in the Progressive heavy-metal scene of the early Nineties. He claims to be musically influenced by THE POLICE, RUSH, YES, Italian Progressive rock, Gene HOGLAN, Neil PEART, Gavin HARRISON, Stewart COPELAND, Nicko McBRAIN...

The current line-up worked so hard for the second Album, "Hyperconscious" (2014), again produced by Oliver PHILLIPS (Also guesting on lead vocals) and Christian MOSS. This sophomore release also includes "new blood", with Charlotte WESSELS (DELAIN) making a guest appearance, alongside new guest lead singer Manuel RUSCIGNO.

"Hyperconscious" clearly marks a big step forward for the band !

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