We live in a superficial world, where beautiful words like "I love you, you're special, I miss you, I need you" seem only to fill solitary moments of lonely lives or to selfishly please someone's need for love and attention. All claim to have been wounded, to not longer believe in love and still be afraid of suffering, but few are concerned if their lies can cause pain to those who may believe their words or really love them.

I often think about the distorted idea that many persons have of the concept of rejection and missing. It is thought that a rejection can only hurt pride, but I believe that losing a person who we felt special is what causes the worst harm.

I never hear song lyrics threatening "How could you reject me for another woman, you will pay for it". Instead, I always hear words of sorrow "Whatever happened between us. I miss you and if during the day I pretend everything goes well, the night I have to deal with the thought of you away from me."

Anonymous phone calls are the most common and characteristic signs of someone missing a loved one and hoping to feel in a simple "hallo" the emotional vibe, that longed for impression that his/her life cannot going on as before. But some telephone companies have set a limit to this and a simple caller ID can take away such secret desire for romance. So how to manage these feelings? Should we just forget about it and look for someone new?

Is it right to inform the missed one of our feelings? It depends on him/her. Some return on their steps, others will reflect, more superficial people may have you already forgotten and even get annoyed by a feeling that they do not understand or reciprocate anymore.

That is why I think it is better to write down these feelings, to articulate them in prose or in verse and sing them out loud. When we are sad and we are missing someone we can create energy on the border between despair and hope, which we still keep alive. It is what the Brazilians call SAUDADE and inspired so many unforgettable songs ...

Saudade...... é ficar junto de quem, muitas vezes....
Queremos ficar longe........ quando estamos perto!

La mancanza é un sentimento verso chi.
Molte volte........vorremmo star lontani..
Quando siamo vicini

Giusi Dangelico,
Italian writer,
Verone, Italy

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