Passion is a sensational and out-of-control energy which creates adrenalin and intense emotions in those who experience it.

Passion is leading to a highly desired objective, being it a person (for love or sex) or a thing. It is something that pushes you, giving a great, unexpected strength, from which you sail on to a big conquer, like in war.

We get intense for our desires which we project on someone, for a kiss that caused unexpected shudders, for the alchemy our brain produces though physical contact or only through an image.

Passion grows with hope, feeds itself with dreams and we live its most intense moment while climbing the mountain to reach its peek.

Disappointment turns it into ashes, like discovering we are only a phone number in a crowded address book. The thought to be the one and only object of desire is the fuel for such emotion. To be special, unique, the only ones to get such attention, which returns it with the same intensity.

Passion is mortified when is faked in order to achieve personal goals when it is not sincere and when not regularly fed. Passion belongs to those who experience it and can be passed in time from one person to another. It is part of our way to live our emotions, manage them and want to fully experience them.

When it is mutual it gives birth to a magic experience and this is why a lot of people look for it, and again, and again.. always, everywhere, anyway...

(Giusi Dangelico)

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