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Author: Calvin Price

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About Me: I love to read articles on topics which I feel that is worth reading. I like to bring out new ideas in my articles that people may read in interest. For me my love for writing articles is alot.

Articles by Calvin Price:
  • A Link Between Motivation and a Reward System of an Organization ( 1187 reads)   

    This article is all about how a person can be motivated by his or her company in many ways. The article is a part of my research conducted to give a better idea of a strong reward system. I am writing this article after a long gap to understand how you viewers take such a topic in a negative or positive way. This is just a small part of my understanding so please abide by me and my article. - Category: Management
  • Is India Still a Developing Country! ( 2664 reads)   

    Is India still a developing country! - This is something that runs in everyone's mind each time something is forced upon someone. As per today in various fields of work the country has made an effort of development but still certain areas lack a kind of irresponsibility from the government. A normal citizen of the country till the very day is still struggling out their lives day to day fighting - Category: Others
  • Corruption: The Route to Crime ( 3035 reads)   

    Corruption is a disease which has been spreading over years and having a rapid growth day by day. There are many routes to crime and ' Corruption ' is just one of them. By Misusing one's power to a false path is corruption. Due to this the country faces problems will never progress in the future because this will never stop until a person stands up and stands in the way like a bar against it. - Category: Education
  • Superstition vs. Supernatural ( 3826 reads)   

    Superstitions have no meaning to it and is just carried on because of old beliefs whereas Supernatural is anything which is unseen and does not exist but we can feel its presence , an invisible force around us . - Category: Religion
  • How is it to be in a Relationship ( 3096 reads)   

    A relationship is the best part of life. We must cherish this relationship with whom ever we are into a bonding as life is uncertain and you may not know what may happen and when . As we are talking about a relationship is not only about me to express how is it to be in a relationship but to each and every human being who wants to express themselves what it is like in being committed . - Category: Relationships
  • In Women's Society ( 3628 reads)   

    In today's modern society and world people have noticed that there is a change in human thinking and personal views. The most noticeable thing is that women have become more advanced and ready to except any kind of challenges put my the world against them. Not only taking care of the family but also helping they husband's in running a happy family. - Category: Women
  • Marriages and Their Lives ( 3505 reads)   

    Let me bring to you apart of my observation and thinking on arrange marriages and love marriages. It just a that both of these are same in nature but some differences has to be there. As it is said marriages are made in heaven so its each ones destiny to meet the right person of their dreams. - Category: Women
  • Problems Faced by Women in Their Lives ( 6764 reads)   

    This topic in dew respect to all the women who have gone through a lot of things in their lives. Some of their lives have been hell for them more than what other people have gone through . Its that due to educating them and spreading awareness that only some of the things have come under control. In our modern society a woman is seen independent humans shouldering equal responsibilities. - Category: Women

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