Relationship's are not only apart of life but an important source of living. A relationship can be between a parents and their children , student and a teacher, a married couple, friends , boy and girl and many more. We may also not know many which exist today . We people get into different kinds of relationship we might not even know. A relationship between a normal human and a beggar where you will find affection , sympathy, care etc. For me a relationship is not apart of my life but has taught me a lot how to grow over the past years. I have always been supported by my loved ones as well as the love of my life(Raveena). To me no relationship is perfect , when we also can put it down as no human is perfect. You may think why so? Human's are unsatisfied creatures , none of them know the proper value of a good relationship. As every relationship has fights, jealousy, lack of communication at times, extra-marital affairs, lack of affection and many more.

For me a relationship is a blessed creation of god , to satisfied with what he has given you because he knows best what's good for you. Many people meet their life partners at an early age or at times very late but love just happens you might not know when . These days to find a suitable partner is very difficult but god gives you that sense to recognize him in a crowd of millions. As it is said ' marriages are made in heaven ' so that's the actual part of life. In a relationship the most important thing is trust which plays an important role in your life. It has a strong impact when you apply to your relationship. Couples should never lose they trust over they partners, should talk to them , share things among each other and to live happy. They should support each other in their ups and downs and stand by each other to fight against the world. Love must be the main source of energy in a relationship. Never break your partner's trust over you and make a suitable relationship and happy family.People should not lose hope in life as life gives them a lot and always be satisfied with what they have got . You might find your life partner and it might take time so do give it .Don't look at others and think of you are not meant to be in a relationship as you have nothing to give or your not that good looking because looks does not count it is your inner person your natural human which is in you that someone else might falls for. Don't think in vain as your relationship might turn out to be better than others. You might find the he/she of your dream. According to me my partner is a moral support to everything in life I do . She has supported me in every possible way. I at times never think am in a relationship but in a bond a knot which I have a lot to say but cannot express. I don't have much to say just that I wish everyone in they lives who are in relationships to follow their hearts and keep the trust strong. Be with one person whom you love a lot and want to be together forever.

About Author / Additional Info:
This small little essay of mine on relationship is dedicated to my love Raveena.