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  • The 1 April and His Jokes ( 3711 reads)   

    The 1 April is a dangerous day because many people are just hung up on that day for a joke. - Category: Entertainment
  • Wow Cataclysm: Still Time Consuming ( 3602 reads)   

    World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is a veritable tidal wave! Indeed, with 3.3 million units distilled on the day of its release. - Category: Entertainment
  • Introduce the Game of Everquest 2 ( 4469 reads)   

    EverQuest 2 - this is another brilliant creation of the group companies Sony Online Entertainment, the oldest known creation of the online game EverQuest. - Category: Entertainment
  • World of Warcraft: on the 'Glasses of Conquest' ( 3625 reads)   

    In addition World of Warcraft game: Cataclysm players were able to gain a new kind of PvP-currency called 'points gains. - Category: Entertainment
  • WoW Guide: Shadowfang Keep ( 4115 reads)   

    Shadowfang Keep in World of Warcraft - Cataclysm the second retro-instance, which has been completely revised and now players level 85 in Heroic mode available. - Category: Entertainment
  • Once World of Warcraf WotLK - Online Game ( 3738 reads)   

    Joyful message to all fans of WoW. Lich King so angry that his anger escalated alpha. World of Warcraft is a multiplayer online role-playing game. - Category: Entertainment
  • When You're in the Triad You Have to Act as Its Full Member ( 2789 reads)   

    Another interesting game titles will be raised a series that we hope to see more. Many have probably already forgotten the beginning of the series issued 2003rd under the title True Crime: Streets of LA, who was one of the first open-world action game you have dared to appear on the market after the huge success of GTA III. - Category: Entertainment

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