In addition World of Warcraft: Cataclysm players were able to gain a new kind of PvP-currency called "points gains. These points can be exchanged for the best PvP-armor and weapons in the game to gain an advantage in subsequent fights.

Gladiator Suite - dream of many PvP-fighters, that's just how to earn points gains needed for its purchase? There are three main ways:

* Winning the battle in the arena
* Winning a rating Battlegrounds
* The first victory of the day on a random field

Every time your team wins on the rating or the rating arena battle, you get a certain number of points gains; for the defeat of points will be awarded. The first victory of the day on a random battle brings 25 points gains.

There is a limit on the maximum number of points the gains that can be typed in a week regardless of the source. Initially, the personal rating of all players is zero and the maximum number of points per week is 1343 - this is the maximum that can be collected during the current week. In contrast to the honor and justice, to gain points (and virtues), there are no restrictions.

Note: do not accumulate an excessive number of points of conquest, as later when new sets of uniforms they will be converted to points of honor (or justice in the case of points of Valor), and increase the limit of 4,000 points for the currency used to purchase uniforms previous seasons not planned. Nevertheless, the conversion points while hovering somewhere in the distant future. We must warn you about it beforehand, but now you can easily acquire new equipment as soon as you can afford it.

If you want to be able to earn more than 1,343 points gains in the week, will try to raise the personal approval rating above 1,500 points by participating in battles in the arenas of rating or ranking battlegrounds. Takes into account only the best personal rating, as soon as you exceed the mark of 1,500 points will increase and limit the number of points gains in the week. Highest Rated limit the number of points in the week could reach 3,000. Here are some examples of rankings and the corresponding maximum number of points:

Rating - Limit points per week:

* 1500 --------- 1343
* 1800 --------- 1940
* 2100 --------- 2533
* 2400 --------- 2849
* 2700 --------- 2849
* 3000 --------- 3000

Current points total gains displayed in the tab "Currency". Opening the tab "Conquest" menu PvP, you can get more information about how close you are to maximum points in the week, as well as glasses that accrues in case of victory in the arena or the rating field. Products offered by dealers for conquest points, can be found in Stormwind Hall Defender and orgrimmarskom Hall of Legends.

Now that you know exactly what, in fact, fighting, you can safely go around Azeroth to demonstrate their stunning skills in PvP. Meet the enemy face to face! Fight and win!

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