Shadowfang Keep in World of Warcraft - Cataclysm the second retro-instance, which has been completely revised and now players level 85 in Heroic mode available. The castle stands in the silver forest in the east of the mountains. The residents have now been largely replaced, however, the Worgen it spins but still. So you need not surprise you that belong to the same three out of five bosses of this race. As you done it with no problems, this guide tells you.

Preparations for the instance

The instance is designed for players level 18 - with this level you gain little by little the four quests in the instance. For this purpose you must kill all four bosses only. In the end, great rewards beckon for a start. These are the heroic mode, which you can select your at level 85, but not interesting, but the bosses have a lot of interesting prey for itself. However, you should have here in any case, even opponents of control effects. Most enemies are humanoids and undead. Priests and paladins are of course particularly suitable. As with the Deadmines you need for the heroic version of an average item level of 328 to enter the instance of the dungeon browser. Tip: Click here for the Guide to Shadowfang Keep in normal mode!

After entering the instance we first have to be more quiet. At the beginning you meet ghosts and ghouls on that eliminates your group to group. If more than one ghoul you can on the safe use and opponents control effects - after all they share in the melee from pretty. One floor up you see even the locked door to the courtyard. To open this must Baron Ashbury on cold stone floor lie. You'll find him in the prison cells. Removed previously but the remaining enemies to do the boss fight no bad surprise.

In the fight with the Baron's all about the interruption of his abilities. The more players can interrupt it, the better. Heal Rotting flesh "by the Ashbury heals by 25 percent of its hit points. The cast time is two seconds, the saying itself is when breaking at the top. The main skill of Baron Ashbury is to grab players by the throat and reduce the hit points to one. Then he not only heals over a few seconds your party, but also themselves not interrupt the spell as quickly as possible, waiting, however, that the tank receives at least one or two ticks of healing, so he immediately bites the dust. For healers, it is important to provide them with the tank after one or two major healing spell and then the group to heal something. Save your mana points by the players you think about 30 percent of hit points. Finally, they are soon reduced to a point - but you survived so easily from the remaining shadow magic Baron. These include among others the "pain and suffering". Have you even more air to pause, then you also take care of it. Alternatively, pick up your healers also this magic debuff. Over 25 percent of its hit points the boss goes into his dark archangel figure and caused so against the whole group damage. Here again is your healer asked that supplies the group as evenly as possible with healing spells. Does it make him just by you stand close together.

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