World of Warcraft is a multiplayer online role-playing game.

Alfa is over

Joyful message to all fans of WoW. Lich King so angry that his anger escalated alpha.This was reported blyuyu-poster Eyonix on the closed alpha forums, Old pulled out spies from Worldofwar and Worldofraids, and from them she got here.Thus, the beta-testing WotLK every day is getting closer and closer. Well, wait, sir!

Once again on WotLK

Invitation to beta participants will continue to dl its very end. Blizzy try to invite as many people, because many fans will be every five minutes to open the boxes with e-mail, waiting for an invitation. And because the message Tipo "Sorry, you are in flight" will not, then many may be futile to wait until the end of testing.

In the addon will be a lot of daily quests. This means that there will be many everyday sources Golda obtained for the salvation of all penguins to DEHTA (Druids for the Humane and Ethical Treatment of Animals, if you remember, they will confront fans safari in Northrend). And the players are not awash in Easy Money, you need to remake the economy. From now on, Northrend - the bulwark of capitalism (this is irony, goblins go in droves will not move, except that individual instances). Achieving excellence in a new profession writing scrolls will cost expensive. High levelnye ugrohayut many players, pumping Twinkie-death knights. New hairstyles and dances will be expensive. Probably will be expensive and mounts. Money rules the world. World of Warcraft, too.

Questions stupid newbies that "what is Dalaran became the city for the Horde and the Alliance" was followed by an unexpected response from of developers (think of such stupid questions to answer in general should not). Dalaran mages need help in the war against Malygos, and they do not disdain any help. Even near the Dalaran Arena will. Furthermore Dalaran will be many other settlements that are common to the Alliance and Horde. For example, both starting zones - general.

Departing from sabzh. Came the ninth number of the official comic book for WoW, telling about the misadventures of a missing king Varian Wrynn, aka Lo'Gosh.

Errors or omissions.

Today, it was noticed two curious mistakes, and both are linked to WotLK. Firstly, on page Beta test 404 (no such page) was replaced by 403 (access denied). And in the article about the classes appeared infa about the death knight in the graph Warriors. You are what you want, and I'm the last "accident" can not believe it is too painful in the style Blizzard.


Pictures that have won the competition's best Frostmourne.

And the rest.

In Northrend with the addon will move a lot of heroes and heroines. But will there be among them Reksar (this issue care so much about some guy Offe) - is unknown.
Talent that we saw in WWI and with alpha - is not the final version. They may change under the proposals, and salaries of players in the beta, so there was no imby. Here's how it was.

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