Another interesting game titles will be raised a series that we hope to see more. Many have probably already forgotten the beginning of the series issued 2003rd under the title True Crime: Streets of LA, who was one of the first open-world action game you have dared to appear on the market after the huge success of GTA III. Indeed, the authors are very ambitious, announcing his game and in the end it turned out that she was really solid and worked well in the market, earning the title of GTA III, which plays the role of policeman. Indeed, the first game was good enough in 2006. managed to give birth and continue titled True Crime: New York City. Unlike the predecessor, successor met with numerous technical difficulties which have varied from a constant frame-rate drop, and getting stuck in various holes or inability to reset gaming options and the like, and these difficulties are significantly reducs otherwise promising gaming experience. In addition, it is related to the controversy caused by the involvement of Bill Clark (a former police officer, an executive producer and technical adviser in the series NYPD Blue) to create games. His way of describing the New York police is not very good "lay" or the police chief Raymond W. Kelly or New York's largest police union, so each copy of the game had to be supplied with a written statement to the New York police did not in any way participated in the development of the game.


Due to a rather bad publicity that followed the second game, we did not get too hopeful in life series, but we were denied Activison predicted in almost steady schedule of 3:00 to 4:00, after the previous game by new episodes, this time just called True Crime, which wanted to emphasize that this time we will get the best game in the series that truly deserves its title. Another important change relates to the fact that the game no longer works famous Californian studio Luxoflux, but inexperienced and unknown Canadian studio United Front, and will be slightly squeeze your thumb and hope for the best. True Crime will be action-adventure that takes place in Hong Kong, and in the main role of the policeman Wei Shen. His life is more or less expected, was born in Hong Kong, grew up abroad, he returned to Hong Kong to represent the interests of his country in a special unit of HK Triad Bureau. Shenov main task will be to infiltration into the ranks of the notorious Triad whose membership will have to must stay as long as it will be necessary to destroy the organization from within. In fulfillment of this mission impossible Shen will help its combination of good knowledge of martial arts and combat firearms and skills in the management of cars and motorcycles. It is a basic concept of the game, with the proviso that we can not confirm where the ratio will be distributed the three playable segments.

It is possible that a close fight in a particular part to overcome with regard to its attractiveness, but the fight scenes ever seen in firearms, as well as driving, and a combination of all three playable elements look quite good. Of the newer games such as similarities in the actions, expressions and general atmosphere of the game we mentioned that wet look about the same, but there was an element of close combat, a little older than Stranglehold, which is still a pure shooter. However, the greatest similarity is observed with the recently published Dead to Rights: Retribution.

The most exciting part of the game in which we should most enjoy is brzopotezno melee that Shen will lead with their opponents. The profuse use the hands, feet, elbows, heels, toes, and what will he find a way to hand. So not many attractive izostajati accounts with one or more opponents, where the unfortunate end to a very poor condition. Of the most impressive ever seen parts of the struggle was confined to the situation when he picked up from the table Shen meat ax, spun like a knife and launched into the opponent's torso, or an opponent dragged to the refrigerator door and eventually broke his head, and if one carefully choreographed moves to the opponent took a gun from his hands that he fired a shot below the knee.


Infiltration of the triad Shen will bring many problems since it will require him to behave as a true member of the triad. The line between good and evil, reason and violence will slowly disappear, and Shen would like everyone to be undercover agents for himself and his inner demons, so it is likely that the game will be placed before the various moral dilemmas. For us it is important to realize that when the rich interaction with the world around him as well as numerous characters, which should contribute to the development klisejizirane, but interesting and tense story. Increasing the level of quality will contribute to the graphics, which now can be assessed only polite, but if they finally succeeded in a very demanding task of convincing display by the picturesque city like Hong Kong, we can be satisfied. In conclusion, although it will end the year quickly reached, the game looks like it's still fairly immature stage of creation, so we will give a more precise assessment have to wait a playable demo.

Regardless of the motto of the game, Shen says that the Triad has to behave like the rest of its members, authors did not decide to completely forget that Shen is a cop and that would still need to have some doubts about Bodycount who will leave behind. Therefore, they decided to implement a special game sighting system that we should allow that opponents can accurately guess the limbs without taking life. Although this system has not seen in action, we can assume that this is a version of bullet-time. Authors us besides promising a good selection of weapons, use of cover and causing the explosion, we could see in the trailer in which Shen rising into the air motorcycle among their opponents.

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