EverQuest 2 - this is another brilliant creation of the group companies Sony Online Entertainment, the oldest known creation of the online game EverQuest. Few believed that EverQuest2 able to compete with its prototype, but it seems that it is still possible. The number of subscribers playing EQ2 is increasing every year, and developers are not going to stop there, gradually expanding the boundaries of the possible, supplements and gaming modules. Many attributed the popularity of the previous version of the game the presence of a unique interior atmosphere. It's safe to say that this feature is maintained in EverQuest 2, and added to it a modern graphic design, and other nice technical stuff. For example, in-game voices of real people who have voiced numerous characters. No longer need to keep written dialogues promatyvaya pages boring text, you can hear the words of his interlocutors. This innovation is not exclusive and not a privilege of English-speaking audience of players. Thanks to voice characters Akella everkvest2 be able to hear and our countrymen.

The action begins in the already well-known veterans of Norrath EQ, which has just begun to recover from the disaster that occurred in it, globally change the look of old seats. Has not changed only by the fact that Norrath is constantly in danger from various enemies. There is no peace among its inhabitants, citizens of Qeynos and Freeport in everkvest 2 does not enter into an open battle, but alternately face on the ground of racial and inter-clan conflicts. The ancient city is somehow escaped destruction and even continued to grow and expand. But the world everkvest2 not like the old, established ancestor of all life, dragon Viishan. 500 years after the great schism began a new phase in the history of Norrath, which is yet to go through many upheavals.

Sat down to gameplay in EverQuest 2 is not much different from other games. Just like always, you should choose a race and class character. Total currently available to 19 different races and 24 distinct classes, based on ancient archetypes. You can become an elf or a dwarf, magician, or a man, and this choice will determine your future the future, because your character can develop only within its class. Race and class affect the way what position your character will take in the eternal struggle between good and evil in everkvest2, because, as we know, there is no evil paladins and kind of necromancy.

In EverQuest 2, you can find yourself absolutely any occupation, be a warrior, traveler, craftsman, trader - by anyone. In recent years, artisans along with the soldiers were able to form guilds, are constantly increasing their ability, they are indispensable to a peaceful life in a military campaign, as may be necessary to manufacture uniforms for battle. In Everkvest2 can run their own business buying and selling various household items, or extracted in the battle artifacts. The game works game currency, called platinum. Another first Everkvest was found free economic zone, and especially the achievements of successful players were sold on Internet auction sites for big money.

The world of Norrath expands with each new addition. For example, in the Kingdom of Sky reveals the kingdom of heaven, hovering just above the lands of Norrath. Celestial expanse ruled the oldest of the world's population, dragons, and they are configured unfriendly to the earthly beings. In the Desert of Flames players are able to arrange a duel and see who is the strongest of the strongest. Game everkvest 2 acquires a sharp oriental flavor in its story of a distant city, sandy, powerful genie and priceless treasures. The Shadow Odyssey is an association with the Greek myths, it is riddled with allusions to the theme of notorious journey of the Argonauts, which in game called aeronaut. A Rise of Kunark brings the players during the existence of the first Everkvest on the continent Kunark, for which developers have restored many previously known gaming sites such as caves Sebilisa.

EQ2 is closely intertwined with real life, sometimes even difficult to know where it ends and begins the virtuality of the ordinary world everkvest2. Game "sharpened" by the guild of players, individualists here have hard times. But the players are constantly communicating with each other, which can be attributed to other undoubted advantages EverQuest2. Live as you want: Veit his cozy nest in everkvest 2, travel in search of unseen lands, looking for glory. Players can even start everkvest2 pets and write each other letters through vnutreigrovuyu mail system. All in your hands.

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