The 1 April is a dangerous day because many people are just hung up on that day for a joke. From boring horror to big news, announcing the end of the world. All that there was ever and the first April showers bring even before the video game and computer industry does not stop and that's what can come up with something new every year. But this global gamer today is not only is a joke news, there is this collective News, in which we present to you all April Fool's joke. Those who find they can not simply write further to do so.


The video game industry veteran has also allowing themselves to send his fans into April and the fans who participated cheerfully.

Sega of America America exclusively announced a first-person shooter that better than Call of Duty - Bad Company 2 will be together, because it contains dolphins - Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield. The next game with the cute dolphin Ecco, Ecco - Water Wars 2 will be the best action game of all time, because it contains both time travel and dolphins. The goal is the most important video game in human history, Sega Bass Fishing, with a limited edition force of arms to bring back into the sea.

If that sounded too fishy and rather indulged the beautiful game, has more fun with the next game of Sega All-Stars series. After tennis, and racing will appear in the next year the football spin-off for all major consoles: (abbreviated ASS, or "ass") "All-Stars Soccer. The product manager for Sega of America, Jerry Foxshold said:

ASA is much different to ASR (All-Star Racing), there's a new degree of tactics - in order to be an ass master you need to bring a team with ASA balance, flair and that little extra something. We can not get enough of ASS here, and we can not wait to show to the world ASS.

We have not translated the quotation from the ground, as would otherwise be lost to the wonderful wit.

As the home of remixed versions of popular video game tunes introduces the OverClockedRemix REMIXANATOR. Anyone who has no desire to sit for hours in front of an audio program, and thus to compose music can, with only four clicks to generate even one. In the trial only three songs are available, but by the Sytese Computational System (ASS) will expand the service in future. find a little taste of her REMIXANATOR here.

Alan Wake Wars

With a gameplay video was known to his new game developer Remedy. The title is Alan Wake Wars and is on 1 April 2011 appear. The trailer we have attached for you below.


Blizzard also vigorously mixed again on 1 April, and have the same five jokes come up to the community a smile out of it.

First, it has taken the World of Warcraft Arsenal. There are all the characters have now been transformed into Tuskarrs. Also fishing are the main and secondary activity, and of course at maximum level and you can look at the various emotes Walrossartigen the race, which are quite cute. Blizzard has also worked a little of the activity feed and you'll find out now that have some other items, or achievements, or have captured only swindled by ninja loot themselves.

Another joke had been left for World of Warcraft and announced the new value EPEEN. EPEEN stands for Equipment Potency Equivalece Number and determines the value of your character is in terms of equipment. Once you collect something EPEEN the bar rises above the head of your character. The higher your EPEEN-beam increases, the better. can also interact with people you just like EPEEN bar, if your bar is low does not work. EPEEN you can increase by as PvE and PvP achievements and various successes on the server. Should you have a rank in EPEEN rise so you can get hold of various bonuses, including a longer ignore list or a permanent bonus to the cube factor 'need'.

And for people who freeze while playing Blizzard has also created remedy: Deckard Cain Diablo 3 X-Treme Gamer ceiling. This beautiful blanket is covered with runes and heat in the style of Deckard Cain held robe. There are also soft scrolls and a replica of the tome, which unfortunately is not usable. During the course of the year, a limited number appear to the ceiling in the trade. And who will then appoint two blankets, gets a Diablo 3-cuddly pillows for free. However, this cushion is subject to probably a curse, so you should not use it with Wirrets leg and the tome of town portal.

Who has not had enough of Deckard Cain who buys just the Deckard Cain GPS voice. The original voice of Deckard Cain from the Diablo games will bring the rider then safely to the goal. And that's not enough, because this is only the first speech. Other language editions of different characters will follow later this year.

The last April Fool's joke by Blizzard is to publish a neural interface. This can be used for a WoW or a account be. The first use of the interface reads the program from your unique brain waves and creates a permanent and inseparable connection to your account. Your senses will be directly transferred to your character in World of Warcraft, so you can smell and even taste Azeroth. The establishment also takes just a few hours and you can almost use it anywhere.

Duke Nukem Forever Demo

For several years developing 3D Realms of Duke Nukem Forever. Last year it came to report that the developer has gone bust and the development has been discontinued. This was followed by increased gameplay videos and the hope did not die on a development. And just on 1 April, Fileplanet exclusive demo of Duke Nukem Forever released, the nearly 1 GB.

Youtube Launches "Text Only" format

To save traffic costs, the video portal YouTube has now the format of plain text starts. The videos are presented in this format only in colored numbers and letters.

Star Trek Online 2 announced

It was only in February, the developer Cryptic Studios Star Trek Online and the successor is already in development, as has now been made public. Star Trek Online - Revenge of the Empire will be called the second part and the beta is on 2 September this year start. This time you take the Klingons, who want to expand their empire. With the launch of the beta, the current Star Trek Online will automatically turned off.

Rice of the Demon Lord

Runes of Magic who like and can not get enough, will rejoice, for Frogster has today officially launched a new product: Rice of the Demon Lord. This product is a new rice variety that contains supposedly smooth and pure rice grains of average size. In addition, the rice is free of sodium, fat, allergens and gluten. The rice you can buy now in Europe, either in 1, 2.5 or in 5 kg packs.

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