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Author: Kenneth Zimmerle

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About Me: I have just started writing again after 20 years. Blessings to all

Articles by Kenneth Zimmerle:
  • Children Books - Online eBooks for Kids ( 3178 reads)   

    Children are the future of the world so get them ready early .Children books can help a child prepare for the future. Start your child reading at a very early age. This will help them develop their mind quicker, do better in school, and adapt to changes better. Play games with your baby before they can even speak. - Category: Education
  • Space Flight ( 4605 reads)   

    Space flight can be very scary, especially if you are a little girl who builds her own spaceship. Another CJ adventure. - Category: Writing
  • Davao City and 5 Great Things to Do ( 5226 reads)   

    Davao City is an awesome place to visit. There are a great many things to do and see here. The people of Davao are great and fun to be around. The view are superb, from the many islands to surrounding mountains. - Category: Travel
  • Cheapest Insulation - Energy saving products ( 2924 reads)   

    A great blog about insulation and saving energy. New and exciting news about the use of insulation and new and old energy saving products. - Category: Others
  • The Poetry Effect ( 2792 reads)   

    The Poetry Effect has just recently launched and is ready for your visits. All poets, good ones, bad ones, even one word poets are welcome at The Poetry Effect. - Category: Writing
  • Hot Dogs - Corn, Coney, Chili and Taco Dogs ( 4176 reads)   

    This is a great review on hot dogs and the way they are cooked and topped out. Hot dogs taste good with a variety of condiments on them. Your basic ones are ketchup, relish, mustard, chopped onions and hot peppers. - Category: Food
  • 8 Ways to Relax ( 2751 reads)   

    A great article on the importance of relaxing and ways. It is something we should all learn for our health. Relaxing keeps the blood pressure down and just makes you feel good. - Category: Others
  • I'm Almost There ( 2319 reads)   

    A great way to be almost there, wherever you go. - Category: Others
  • Driving Tips For Drivers of All Ages. ( 2266 reads)   

    Tips for drivers of all ages. With all the advancement in car safety, Driving is still very dangerous. Driving down a 2 lane highway at 55 mph sounds almost suicidal. Every car you pass by, you miss having a head on collision by only a few feet or less. - Category: Cars-Trucks-Bikes

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