Christine Joyce was a very talented little girl. She was quickly becoming famous because of her many adventures. Space flight is just one type of adventure that CJ has had recently. For a science project, she explored the moons of Jupiter. This was one of the scariest adventures CJ has been on. It is a long way from home and no place to be stranded. However it was very exciting and she did learn a lot.

Another space flight has taken Christine Joyce to the moon. She built her own red and white rocket and had lunch with the moon people. This was a lot fun and she got to see the space station on the way there. CJ has also had adventures on Earth. She has discovered invisible dragons and lost lands, was the proud inventor of the portable imagination box, and even went into a wishing well.

CJ lived and grew up on a tropical island near the equator. She loved to read and learn new things every day. She knew that the smarter you got, the easier things would become. She recommends learning all the science and math that you can. Learning about computers and electronics is also very helpful. Without all of this knowledge. Christine Joyce would not even have got to go on one space flight.

By studying astronomy, CJ was able to figure out the right trajectory for the flight to the moon and also for her later flights. She also studied metals and chemical compositions and was a proficient inventor. Christine Joyce has invented a secret fuel and also a super strong light-weight metal that was just perfect for airplanes, spacecraft, submarines, and even time machines. Of course this is an invention she was still working on. For now, she still planning more space flights. After all, there was a lot to explore up there.

In the future CJ will have adventures involving the oceans, the cold poles, and even perhaps see if she can prove the hollow earth theory. Watching television is much to tame compared to the adventures she has. Since she has tasted this excitement, you can look for Christine Joyce to continue having many more exciting days planned ahead.

Always encourage your child to use their imagination when they play. This makes learning fun which will make them want to learn even more. Learning should be a challenge, but a fun one. Figure a way to interact with your child that will turn learning into play. This should keep your child interested in learning the rest of their life. Check out all of CJ's adventures and good luck on your own space flight. Just make sure you take your pink unicorn. Everyone knows they are required for all long adventures.

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