With all the advancement in car safety, Driving is still very dangerous. Driving down a 2 lane highway at 55 mph sounds almost suicidal. Every car you pass by, you miss having a head on collision by only a few feet or less. Then you also have bad weather conditions like ice, snow, and fog. There are also trains and big trucks to watch out for, both can cause severe damage to both you and your vehicle.

There are many people on the roads that should not be driving. Some drive way too fast, others way to slow, both which are extremely dangerous. There are also a lot of unsafe vehicles on the roads. These could be a potential danger to you and your passengers. Many drivers can not handle the stress of driving and traffic, which after building up, leads to road rage.

Road rage can be very dangerous. Someone might try to run you off the road or even pull a gun out and start shooting at you. Try to avoid bad situations while you are driving. If someone is crowding you, try to get out of their way and let them go around you. Try to turn off the road you are on briefly to get out of their way. You might be a few minutes late, but better than not arriving at all.

For some very good driving tips, go to hubpages.com and search for 12 Tips For Drivers, and if even one person benefits from them, it makes it worthwhile. Also keep your doors locked while driving, do not pick up hitchhikers, and be very cautious at rest stops and areas along our highway and freeway system.

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