Hot dogs will be around for a long time to come. They taste great no matter how they are cooked, which consist of many different ways. They can be boiled in a pan of water, fried in a skillet, cooked on a rotisserie style hot dog cooker, and of course every one's favorite, the outdoor grill. Some people have been known to deep fry them also. Just about anybody can cook a hot dog and they can even be consumed right out of the package. Hot dogs taste good with a variety of condiments on them. Your basic ones are ketchup, relish, mustard, chopped onions and hot peppers.

Hot dogs can also come with a disguise on. In this form they are known as a corn dog. These are hot dogs that are in no need of a bun because the bun is built in. These are mounted on a small stick for a handle for so you will not burn your hands while eating them. These are more limited on what condiments that you can put on them.

Coney dogs from various locations are made with different toppings. A true coney island hot dog is made with a beef hot dog with all meat chili, yellow onions, and mustard. Some places put sloppy joe, cheese, and onion on a hot dog and call it a coney dog. Your coney dog will depend on your location.

Chili dogs are of course as the name sounds. Hot dogs on a bun with a thick chili topping. Some people do away with the bun and just put hot dogs on a plate with chili poured over them. With different toppings added to the chili dog, the taste will change dramatically. Try it several ways to keep a variety in life.

Taco dogs are another way hot dogs disguise themselves. With all these disguises going on, the hot dog can still be readily found. The taco dog is a hot dog with a taco meat sauce topping. To this can be added sour cream, black olives, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, hot peppers, and whatever your imagination comes up with.

Camping is a great place to take hot dogs. Cooking the hot dogs on a stick oven an open fire makes them taste super with nothing on them. Keep them hot dogs cooking and come up with new ways to serve them.

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