Davao City is an awesome place to travel to on vacation. Davao is geographically the largest city in the world with many different things to do and see. There are many different forms of transportation ranging from taxis or buses, to a bicycle with a sidecar attached for you to ride in. Your dollar will go a long way here in Davao City so your transportation is inexpensive. The people are fun to be with and always ready to help you. There are many resorts from Paradise Island to Pearl Farm Beach Resort. Eden Park is located on a mountain with wonderful scenery with a great view of Davao City. There is also a tunnel you can go in and take a tour that was dug in World War 2. There are great restaurants and shopping all over the city and malls with many unique articles. There are many hotels and apartles that are very inexpensive to stay at. Davao River is beautiful with a lot of different varieties of fish.

Crocodile Park has many exotic creatures and a great tour. There is entertainment there and throughout the city. There are many different islands you can visit with a short boat ride. These have beautiful beaches and many places to stay and eat at. Food, either at the grocery or restaurants, is very inexpensive and the same goes for clothing and most other things. You can rent an apartle to stay in during your trip to Davao City. These apartles are like small apartments with a/c, cable TV, stove, sink, and refrigerator. You can buy food at a nearby grocery and cook your own food. There are also many Pizza Huts, McDonald's, and KFC's around so you can have your American food. I recommend you try the food the local people eat, it is some of the best food in the world.

Driving is different here and I suggest you take a taxi to take your to your destinations. Wireless Internet is available in many places and there are Internet cafes spread throughout the city. Davao City also has much night life. There are nightclubs and karaoke. Davao City also is in the eighties and nineties year round. Come and visit me in Davao.

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Davao and my wishful thinking. http://hubpages.com/hub/5-Great-Places-To-Visit-While-In-Davao