The Poetry Effect has been recently launched and ready for you to submit your poetry. This is a family oriented site, so please, no objectionable language to be displayed. There are quotes from famous poets, different radio players, games, and much more at The Poetry Effect. There is a wonderful online store selling poetry books and other products at very good prices. There is a YouTube player, news feed, virtual pets, and even a chat room all at The Poetry Effect. Don't forget to enter your comments and input, and on the last page, you can enter and submit your poem in The Poetry Effect contest. There have been visitors from 31 countries and more arriving daily. Enclosed is a little sampling from " The Looking Glass "

Looking in at the looking glass
Trying to figure out who I am
It may be simple maybe not
It could be I may be Sam

The rest of the poem is available on the front page of The Poetry Effect. For another good read also on the same page is " Always Mine "

In your eyes I can see love
That belongs just only to me
The happiness that come with you
Our love together will always be

This is a poem dedicated to my Angie, one of many I have wrote for her. There are some on The Poetry Effect, while others are published on HubPages. And for out of this world poetry, you must read " The Watering " on the poet page.

Who will water the stars
As the heat makes them dry
I know it is a hard job
But someone soon must try

This is an inspirational poem to always be brave and never giving up. Some days seem as though they will never end and one bad thing after another happens. Just remember, there are many people in this world who would be happy to change places with you. Try to stay happy because each day could be your last on Earth, so why would you waste it by being unhappy. Enjoy each and every day that comes along and visit The Poetry Effect and other great places like HubPages and Saching. Write your own poetry and submit it. Write to please yourself, because that is who really counts.

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