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Author: michael carvell

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About Me: write of birth right faith life earth of God Jesus the holy spirit I am looking for site to publish fairly

Articles by michael carvell:
  • The Buying and Selling of God in the World ( 2394 reads)   

    The buying and selling of God Jesus the holy spirit mega profit off human life. The buying sales of God Jesus the holy spirit has become a trillion dollars business and charities. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • God is Our Holy Bhuman Life on Earth From Birth ( 2198 reads)   

    we are God birth right holy human life in all nations religions on God earth - Category: Religion
  • Hold the World For God Jesus Are Coming ( 2703 reads)   

    Hold all war killing death hunger god Jesus the holy spirit come to bring all god children home - Category: Religion
  • Gods Jesus the Cross of Human Life ( 2514 reads)   

    we all have crosses to carry in life God Jesus the holy spirit help carry these crosses - Category: Writing
  • God Jesus Respect For All Human Life ( 5198 reads)   

    This articles teaches of God Jesus the holy spirit respect care freedom of all human life, accepting all human birth right of God - Category: Others
  • The House of God Jesus True Holy Spirit ( 3216 reads)   

    The true holy human house temple pf God Jesus the holy spirit for all people/. Jesus taught ion earth - Category: Religion
  • Working Government ( 2486 reads)   

    Working affective government will not work with two party system republican democrat its taking affective people's government away from Americans. Health care is free market business not part of failing bail out business government. - Category: Politics
  • Jesus Holy Human Teacher ( 2725 reads)   

    Jesus the only holy human teacher sin taker of all human life on earth. - Category: Religion
  • The True Life of God For All Humanity ( 2313 reads)   

    The true human life of God Jesus the holy spirit for all humanity. - Category: Religion
  • Birth Right Faith Life Earth ( 2941 reads)   

    Holy human birth right life is from God Jesus the holy spirit for all humanity free of any religious holds of humanity. Birth right life is freedom peace human rights life Jesus was nailed to the holy cross for all humanity by holy human birth right life. - Category: Religion

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