We all in holy human life on earth have the holy human burdens of carrying crosses in human life let God Jesus the holy spirit help you with the cross. The human life carries many human crosses these days from war to hate hunger killing we can help each other with God Jesus The holy spirit heal many of these human crosses.

God Jesus the holy spirit we can all reach out to God Jesus yet each other to lighten the human burdens of life. Human life is lost to God Jesus the holy spirit helping from birth right carry the cross of all human life on earth. God freed all humanity to thought will choice life love for all people on God earth

The cross of human life gets lighter when god Jesus the holy spirit becomes part of all human birth right life. Jesus teaches taught about taking helping remove the crosses that come in totally free human life.

Birth right life of God Jesus the holy spirit has fragments the children of God into religions nations on earth this created people killing each other fighting for god in all nations religions. There is only one birth right God Jesus the holy spirit father teachers sin taker holy guide for all human life on earth.

This God truth love freedom, human rights to all human life all can help bare the human crosses of human life share God Jesus the holy spirit by holy human truth world wide. God loves cares about all human life yet God knows humanity has to live free yet Jesus was taken to hate war degradation hunger sickness death.

To carry all the burdens of human life in God Jesus the holy spirit we must help carry each others crosses of human life we all bare in humanity. The birth right truth peace love of God Jesus the holy spirit care share all crosses in all the world. Here we will find the greatness in humanity the love of God Jesus the holy spirit freed all humanity for.

God speed love hopes Jesus the holy spirit people understand the love of God gave Jesus to death on the cross so our lives would live within all Jesus lived taught love died for

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The holy human burden of carrying crosses of human life as Jesus died was through love teaching healing peace with God the holy spirit. This the God given birth right holy human truth of God for all life on earth. Lets us all carry all human crosses of war hate killing hunger to God to end on earth