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Author: dgh brh

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About Me: I am a govt officer by profession and a mother of 11 year old interest area are travel,self improvement, writing, women, relationship,wellness,social issues and economic transitions, change management etc. m new in online writing

Articles by dgh brh:
  • Dynamism of Relationship ( 3767 reads)   

    magic of any relationship makes our life worth living more in this world. the dynamism of all the relationship is very interesting phenomenon as its a process free from the relationship itself but always naturally there. so whoever can change with the change in the relationship its a nice world to live on. - Category: Relationships
  • Those Days and These Days! (Childhood Memories) ( 4314 reads)   

    Some walk in the memory lane! Those were the days when we were kids and running around the roads aimlessly. We used to be busy with our friends, family and other activities. It's almost a fairy tale since the time we can count our memories. The childhood days are always better compared to the grown-up or matured times. Childhood days are the time when we live in almost a world of dream. - Category: Writing
  • DEATH - a Junction to a New LIFE ( 3593 reads)   

    Death is attempted to be viewed from a different point in this article. It is an effort to celebrate life !!!!!! - Category: Writing
  • Let's Wake Up the Child From Yesterdays! ( 1801 reads)   

    Its an article about self - improvement through our own memories, experiences and feelings. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Change Management: A Curtain Raiser ( 3062 reads)   

    A broad write up on change management. Change Management is very important in the present time as the only consistent thing in the world is the 'CHANGE'. To manage change in a systematic way to eliminate the chances of failure in the expected result as much as possible is the contemporary management mantra for the successful and sustainable change management teams. - Category: Sales-Marketing
  • A Sparkling Mirror ( 2172 reads)   

    Its an attempt to write about some easy ways to improve our world by continuous positive trust. With simple effort one can achieve anything they want with a positive attitude towards the everything. - Category: Self-Improvement
  • Where Dreams Come True - Athkhelia Naamghar ( 4853 reads)   

    The naamghar ( Temple) which posses that miraculous power to give back the throne to a crowned prince on the run, is all waiting to be explored.This is the naamghar with the inherent potency to turn your prayers into reality. Naamghar is a temple of the Vaishnavaite cult of North East India, specially in Assam. - Category: Travel
  • To the PEN ... With Love...! ( 3255 reads)   

    Mainly I write to satisfy my creative flow of feelings. If somebody likes reading these then it will be great encouragement for me. - Category: Writing
  • Digboi - Reminisce of the British Aura !! ( 10195 reads)   

    A travel write up about a small town - 'Digboi' in the North Eastern State of Assam in India. Its an attempt to create awareness of the fresh feel of the small place to the public. - Category: Travel
  • Old Age Home: A Prospect For Twilight Hours ( 3285 reads)   

    Old age home is not a very common subject in the Indian society. But the urban lifestyle is signalling towards a growing demand of the review of the concept. This is not an attempt to go for a statistical in depth analysis of the concept but a mere effort to contemplate about the idea and its probable outlook in the Indian social and economic purview. - Category: Issues

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